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Organize Holiday Cleaning

Cleaning Your Home For The Holidays

Organize Holiday Cleaning by getting started early with a room rotation plan. Trust me, this will really help reduce stress and have your home clean in time for the Holidays.

I love the Holiday Season but holiday cleaning is another story...

Cleaning and organizing do go hand in hand though. So organize holiday cleaning by scheduling it on a week by week basis starting as early in the season as you possibly can. Plan and shop ahead of time for cleaning supplies that you'll need and then follow your schedule!

First Rule For Holiday Cleaning - Start Early!

I suggest starting with the rooms that will be used the most during the season...

  • Kitchen
  • Dining room or area
  • Family room
  • Bathrooms
  • Guest room
  • And so on

Here's how to do it....

Schedule each room on your calendar (or holiday planner) assigning a day or two, even up to a week for each room. Focus on cleaning only that room during that particular day or week.

Ideally, cleaning one room at a time all through November will leave you with only having to do a little "sprucing up" before Christmas.

Try Room-Rotation Cleaning Year Round Too!

This approach works well throughout the year too. A client of mine has 10 rooms in her home. She schedules one room per month for cleaning and organizing, excluding the months of July and August when her children are on summer vacation.

When it's "Kitchen Cleaning Month", she cleans out all the cabinets, the refrigerator, cleans the light fixtures, her china cabinet, etc. all throughout that month.

Same thing for the other rooms. During a month when she has just a bathroom to clean, she uses the extra time to maintain the rest of the house or work on special projects.

My client feels that it really helps keep the balance when it comes to having a clean home - which is very important to her.

Give it a try! Okay, now back to Organize Holiday Cleaning...

Second Rule - Keep It Real

I'll be starting a new section soon on cleaning your newly organized home/home office which I hope to eventually make a separate Web site. In the meantime, you can get some great tips from my colleague Carole, who has an upbeat and easy approach to keeping up with the cleaning.

By rotating rooms when cleaning for the holidays, you'll have several "more-clean-than-they-would-have-been" rooms well before Christmas. How awesome will that be?

During the month of December it's only realistic to just "keep up" with the cleaning. Do what you can to maintain your clean rooms and don't worry, Santa doesn't dust with those white gloves :)

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