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PODS Moving Storage

PODS moving storage is an innovative new type of moving service that is changing the way we move our belongings from one home to another, or simply store our stuff temporarily. Let's take a look at what PODS are, what they can be used for and what kind of moving situations they make sense for.

What Are PODS?

PODS moving storage is a relatively new type of moving business. In the past if you were moving to a new home, you would pack up your belongings into boxes and arrange for a moving truck to come on a specific day to move your boxes and furniture to your new home. The PODS system was invented in response to the fact that the busy world we live in doesn't always make moving so cut and dried.

Here's how it works in a nutshell. You call up PODS or use their online forms and let them know when you plan to move and how much stuff you have. The PODS Team will recommend a specific size container and give you a quote.

Once you agree on the size PODS container, date of delivery, etc. the company will then bring the PODS moving storage container to your home which you can fill up on your own time. Once it's full, PODS will then come and take your container to store for as long as you need. When you’re ready to move, they’ll move it for you – to anywhere in the United States. (They also operate in Canada and Australia.)

Benefits of PODS

One of the biggest benefits of the PODS system is flexibility.

Because you fill the container yourself, you don’t have to rush to move everything all in one day or one weekend. In fact, you can store things you don’t use every day weeks or even months before you’re due to move, and just keep what you need in your home.

PODS are an efficient way to move your belongings. PODS packing procedures are carefully designed to make sure boxes and containers are treated gently, moved slowly and kept level at all times, so your things don't get damaged.

A single PODS container can hold everything found in a typical household, eliminating the need for multiple moving trucks

Are PODS The Right Choice For You?

Just as with self storage units, you'll have to decide what you can afford, if you are even allowed to have a PODS container parked at your home for any length of time and whether or not you can afford this type of service. A few obvious groups of people who tend to find PODS moving storage to be a good choice include...

  • Folks who are moving to a new town or state within the United States
  • People who are moving out of their home to go traveling, and want to have all their gear in one place ready to go when they get back
  • Folks planning to remodel their home and need to get everything out of the way for a while.

PODS can be an excellent solution for busy households who need the time to go through things before storing and the convenience of having the unit right at their home until it's full. In some areas it's a more costly solution over storage facilities and moving the traditional way but depending on your situation may be worth the extra expense.

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