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Hosting A Christmas Tree
Decorating Party

There's no better way to bring in the eagerly awaited yuletide season than by hosting a Christmas tree decorating party. Casual yet festive, the theme is perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit. What's more, it offers a delightful opportunity to get together with family and friends for an occasion that is unlikely to be overshadowed by the many other Christmas parties that are sure to follow.

You might find this party planning guide to be helpful in making your party fantastic!

If you've never had the pleasure of hosting a Christmas tree decorating party before, here are some suggestions that will help you mark the beginning of a much-cherished holiday tradition.

Send Out The Invitations

Though not entirely necessary, hand-delivered invitations to a Christmas tree decorating party do add a nice personal touch and serve to get everyone in the spirit of things in advance. All you need to mention is that it is an invitation to come decorate your Christmas tree and what time you'd like your guests to be there. If you are planning a luncheon party or a tea party on the occasion, do let your guests know.

Decorating the Tree

If you are expecting a lot of kids to be there, it may be best to put up your Christmas tree and add the lights before everyone arrives.

Start off by asking each guest to pick one ornament out of your Christmas ornament storage box and hang it on the tree while the others watch. This lends a certain poignancy and significance to the event. When every one has had their turn, whoever wants to can go ahead and finish decorating the tree with the remaining ornaments.

Keep plenty of ornament hooks handy as well as lots of tinsel, candy canes and other non-breakable wooden or fabric ornaments for smaller kids. Let them have a go at decorating the lower part of the Christmas tree. Let the older kids and adults hang the fragile baubles and delicate ornaments that have been in the family for generations.

When all is done, the last thing to do is put the angel or star on top of the tree. Then let everybody stand back while you turn the switch and put on the lights.

Remember no Christmas party is complete without Christmas carols. Pull out your collection of Christmas music and mix it up by playing classic, jazz and contemporary pieces. It's a great way to appeal to every one's taste and get them all joining in. If any of your guests play a musical instrument request them to bring it along and have an impromptu sing-a-long. Kids love it and so do adults.

Organizing the Food

Think easy, non-fussy foods that are easy to pick up and pop in the mouth. Veggies with dip, bite-sized sandwiches cut into Christmassy shapes with cookie cutters, smoked turkey and spiral sliced ham are good choices. And don't forget the Christmas cookies! They are a mainstay at any Christmas party.

Christmas Cupcakes are a fun addition to any party and these little snowman cupcakes would look a treat on your table.

The choice of drinks could include hot mulled cider, eggnog, wine, tea and coffee for the adults and hot chocolate for the kids.

Hosting a Christmas tree decorating party can be great fun and provide memories to cherish for years to come. Remember to take lots and lots of photographs for your memory book too!

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