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Clutterless Gift Giving

Great Gift Ideas Without Adding More Stuff

Clutterless Gift Giving is a unique way to start your own personal crusade to help others keep from adding to their clutter or (more nicely put)... "stuff".

Gift cards and certificates are great but how about giving something more unique and personalized? A gift card may be appreciated by the recipient but the excitement doesn't happen until it is used and then YOU don't get to "share in the moment."

So how about something different like giving some type of Clutterless Gift Giving. Think about the hobbies and interests of your recipient. Take into consideratoin their circumstances or stage of life. Ideas for clutterless gift giving based on what your loved one enjoys are actually very easy to find.

Try looking on the internet for clutterless gift giving ideas. All you have to do is enter the keywords: clutterless+gifts+whatever theme you are seeking. For example, a search for clutterless+gifts+music might bring up ideas such as concert tickets or i-tunes cards.

You will be amazed at the ideas related to any hobby or interest imaginable. Not only is this great fun but your gift will be the center of attention because of it's creativity. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did not contribute to adding more stuff to your loved one's home.

Here are some ideas and quick descriptions for clutterless gift giving to get you started.

A Delicious Place To Start

Online specialty shops and unique product sites are everywhere online. Everything from Mince Meat Pie to Fresh Lobster is available to purchase and be delivered as a gift. (Please be careful to make sure the sites are legit before making a purchase).

Your loved one can enjoy something very special and once it's consumed, there's no clutter! Only joyful moments from the unwrapping to scrumptious enjoyment.

Web Site Building Package

This one is a very unique gift. It might seem a bit pricey upfront but if it's for your husband or wife, daughter or son, mom or dad, then maybe not. Consider giving the gift of SBI! which is an all-in-one package of Action Guide and Tools that allows anyone to build a profitable online business. What does that mean? SBI! gives the recipient everything they could possibly need to build an e-business which over time will start to bring in increasing amounts of income. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

This is a perfect gift for any mom who would like to stay home with her children and still contribute to the family income. Other excellent possibilities include retirees or soon to be retired, the disabled, college students or just about anyone who would enjoy developing a hobby or passion into an income earning Web business.

Concert, Theater, Musical or Cinema Tickets

Many people would appreciate tickets to a favorite venue. Give new parents some tickets, offer to babysit and they will LOVE your gift! Or perhaps you know someone who can't afford much but they used to go to concerts, etc. With a little detective work, you can find out what they currently listen to and voila! You've got your memory-making clutterless gift giving idea!

Music, Art, Drama or Sports Lessons

Surprising someone with lessons is really fun. I know a Mom who used to love to paint but because she was home raising her family, hadn't painted in years. When she received the gift of painting lessons at a local gallery she was thrilled and excited with anticipation about starting them!

Children are good candidates for giving lessons to also. It's a good idea to check with their parents to find out what lessons would be appreciated and that they will not inadvertently become a driving burden either or create hidden costs. Another clutterless gift giving idea could be to give them a week at a local summer camp or a weekend trip with their church youth group or scout troop.

Landscaping Items

Perennials, saplings, bushes and seeds are wonderful clutterless gift giving ideas for new homeowners and those who love planting and gardening. This type of gift is enjoyed and appreciated for many years. Recently a neighbor spoke of how much he and his wife enjoy a flowering tree that his family received when their first child was born. Every year when it blooms and flowers, it reminds them of what life was like when their boy (now a teen) first arrived in this world. What a wonderful, timeless, clutterless gift giving idea!

Donation To A Favorite Charity

Find out what your loved one's favorite charities are (if you don't already know). You can make a donation in their name to a vast range of charities from one as well known as the Red Cross to a small local charitable organization. This can be a very special clutterless gift giving idea.

Zoo Animal Adoptions

Kids, adults and animal lovers will love knowing they adopted a special animal and your gift will be helping to bring food and shelter to it. Some zoo animal adoptions will even give you a name of the animal, pictures and adoption papers.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

As long as they don't have a fear of heights, a hot air balloon ride would be a great gift for someone to use on a warm, sunny day. I understand the view is amazing and the experience is likened to Dorothy's in The Wizard of Oz. ;-)

Gifts Of Service

Home Organizing Services

As a Professional Organizer, I've seen so many people who need help decluttering, catching up, and getting re-organized from what was once an organized home. We live in such a fast-paced world that just about everyone has one area or another that could use some organization.

It's okay to ask the person you are giving to first if they would appreciate a gift like this. More and more people are hiring Professional Organizers but it's best to be sure so as not too offend anyone. A few years ago, if someone gave me the gift of housecleaning I would have taken it personally. Today it's a whole different story. If someone gave me the gift of housecleaning, I would jump up, give them a big hug and say "can they come tomorrow?!"

Many Professional Organizers are listed on my Find an Organizer page. If you can't find one there, try doing a search on Google.

Cleaning Services

If you read what I just said above, you already know how I feel about the gift of a Cleaning Service. Read My Cleaning Service Story to get an idea of just how much this might mean to a busy Mom! I don't know too many Moms who wouldn't appreciate this. Arrange it with the Cleaning Service you hire so that the homeowner can choose which rooms they would like cleaned. For example, Moms who keep up with the kitchen and bathrooms may just want a deep-cleaning in the kids rooms, or finished basement.

Finance and Budget Classes

This unique gift idea is a great for young couples and those expecting their first child. During this time in a couple's life, finances often change. Mom or Dad might stay home for a while, maybe even years. Expenses with a new baby will increase and the need for more space may be presenting itself. Many people at this stage will appreciate a class or workshop on budgeting and finances. If you are concerned about offending them, talk to them first.

Parents-to-be are not the only candidates for Finance and Budget Classes. The newly widowed, divorced, or even those experiencing job loss can benefit from this gift as well.

To expand on this as a gift idea, check out Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. I've taken both Dave's DIY Total Money Makeover Course and Financial Peace University and highly recommend his resources and classes.


In many areas, trusted babysitters are challenging to find, especially on short notice. If you are good with kids and wish to offer some of your time to babysit, I'm sure you know of a couple who would welcome you with open arms.

Pet Sitting

If your recipient has a pet and you are aware of their upcoming plans to go out of town, make up a "Gift Certificate" offering to pet sit for the weekend or week. Pets do much better in a home while their family is away. Kennels and boarding place can be expensive and traumatizing to a pet. Your gift of pet sitting will also alleviate the need for finding a kennel, dropping off and picking up, arranging for shots and many more time consuming chores. Believe me, the gift of Pet Sitting will be greatly appreciated.

Yard Care

This can include all sorts of yard maintenance. You can hire a service to come out or give them a Gift Certificate from you, offering to do some yard work. Give someone a week off of mowing. Make your gift good for an hour of raking, an afternoon of weeding or bush trimming or maybe even driveway sealing. Use your imagination and be sure to schedule it and most importantly, follow through!

Gasoline Cards

Another gift which is great for teens and college students are Gas Gift Cards. What teen wouldn't appreciate a free tank of gas especially with the cost of gas these days?

Gifts Of Relaxation Ideas

  • Get Away Weekend or Bed and Breakfast Stay
  • A Round of Golf for Two
  • Manicure, Pedicure, Day Spa

Decluttering "How To" Book

Please note, I offer this idea with caution ;-) Do you know someone how has EVERYTHING? If you know that your loved one longs to learn how to declutter and get more organized, well then this might be a perfect gift! S/he can quickly learn how to declutter with this inspiring book... DeClutter Fast - Get Your Home In Order!

I know, I know, technically... giving someone a book is not a clutterless gift. But... it IS a gift that will essentially help them to declutter so I think we can get away with the idea ;-)

DeClutter Fast - Get Your Home In Order! teaches you how to declutter your home immediately and discover the joy and power of order. It's a great read that could really change a person's life.

More Clutterless Gift Ideas To Come...

That's all the clutterless gift giving ideas I have for now but I'll add more as I think of them.

Get everyone in on the idea of Clutterless Gift Giving!

By clutterless gift giving, you are giving two-fold...

The personalized gift itself AND the gift of time that they will not need to spend taking care of more "stuff."

From an online business building package to pet sitting...

Thoughtful, personal, clutterless gift giving will be very appreciated by your friends and family.

And, it all adds up to a more fulfilling life!

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