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Last Minute Holiday Organizing Tips

Last Minute Holiday Organizing Tips will help reduce stress by prioritizing and scheduling that overwhelming To Do List.

Unsure What Gifts You Bought For Whom?

Don't Worry! It all works out in the end...Now, take a deep breath and get a piece of paper. Use any of the Last Minute Holiday Organizing Tips that make sense for you.

Quick! A Brainstorm Session

Jot down everything you think you have to do before Christmas.

Wow! That is SOME list!

But are you being realistic?

Let me help...

Take another sheet of paper and make a few columns...

*Absolutely Must Do

*Would Really Like To Do

*Will Do If There Is Time


Okay, take your list and QUICKLY transfer everything under the appropriate column. Make quick decisions, this is just to help prioritize your To Do List.


All done? Great! You are ready to schedule the Absolutely Must Do to your Calendar/Planner. (If you need a new one, visit the Calendar/Planner Page for some excellent year-round organizing options). Now, where was I? Oh yes...

You only have a handful of days left so schedule whatever time you can for the High Priority Items. You will most likely shift things around but as you do, just transfer them to another time or day so you don't forget them.

Do Some Trimming

In reality, your "Would Really Like To Do List" most likely has some optional items. If you really run out of time, you CAN trim here if necessary.


If this is hard for you, ask yourself if anyone will really remember next year? Skipping something one year is OKAY! Really! You might decide to Simplify The Holidays more and more every year! :)

Finally, your "Will Do If There Is Time List" is VERY OPTIONAL. I am not suggesting that you skip everything...but that if you are stressed, trim here! It is far more important to enjoy time with your loved ones than losing sleep doing some things just because you always have!

Take Action

Are you feeling more in control now? I hope so because you have a last minute plan. Follow it the best you can and your count down will be less frantic.

Merry Christmas!

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