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Plan Holiday Cooking And Baking

I love the Holidays, but Holiday Cooking and Baking is another story! Yes, you've heard me say something similar before but enough about my preferences...

Planning is the Key to Sucessful Cooking and Baking

And Please, Try To Be Realistic!

Plan Holiday Cooking and Baking?? Well we used to plan them out! Maybe there is something to that...

Use or create a Food Section in your Holiday Planner. If you'd like to check out the one I use, click here. In your Planner, include Grocery Lists, Meal Planners and my personal favorite, a "Who's Bringing What" Schedule.

The "Who's Bringing What" Schedule is great for simplifying your Holiday Cooking And Baking. What's the next best thing to presents...Food!

Everyone likes to cook or bake SOMETHING! Why not have each person/family bring their favorite appetizer, side dish or dessert?

Send out an e-mail asking for two suggestions of what they'd like to bring.

Decide on a main entree', look over your responses, choose what would compliment well and e-mail them back with your request. They're happy to make something they like to make and you are happy with the selection.

Voila! 3/4ths of the Cooking and Baking are as good as done!

If you want to be a little can simplify this even further and ask everyone to bring anything they enjoy making. Unique combinations are often the most memorable :)

Plan, Shop, Schedule and Bake

Planning (making a list after checking recipes and ingredients) and shopping are easy enough. Today, however, if you don't schedule it, baking tends to become a pressure. So block a few hours on your calendar with your Children/Grandchildren and Enjoy!

Simplified (albeit "scheduled") Baking!

Remember your ongoing goal...Simplify the Holidays so you can have MORE time to enjoy them.

Ahhhhh, love those aromas floating from the kitchen!

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