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Setting Organizing Goals

Do you remember the statement that Neil Armstrong made as he disembarked from the space shuttle? "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Try to think of that statement while you are setting organizing goals. Like... "One small step toward organizing, one giant leap for your family."

If you remember that historic first walk on the moon's surface, you will understand why one small step at a time is the basic tenet needed to break your goals down into measurable steps and setting organizing goals.

Mr. Armstrong didn’t just say one day, "Hey, I think I'll walk on the moon next week!" It took years of education, practice, knowledge, commitment and focus before he was even able to board a spacecraft, let alone walk on the moon. The point here is that everyone finds it difficult to stay focused on a huge goal. The up and down world of self-motivation is evident everywhere. Just as people lose weight and then gain weight, trying to reach even the smallest goal can feel like... well, a heavy weight!

Sorry, couldn't resist ;-)

When setting organizing goals, take it one small step at a time. In other words, break your larger goals down into measurable steps.

Realistic Expectations

Realistic expectations and a positive attitude, combined with small action steps can make setting organizing goals more achievable. How? Well, first you will need to know what your bigger picture goal is and then layout what steps it will take to get there.

Write It Down

Begin with one specific goal and write it down. It doesn’t have to be anything major and may be best to start with something simple. Write it down on a sticky note and hang it up where you will see it daily. This is your first step to focusing on your commitment.

Then it's time to break it down into small steps.

For example: Let's say you want to get organized to work at home. Your first goal might be to get your office organized so you will have a place to work. Now record the date such as July and then decide on a target date of lets say, September. (Just for example).

It's important to write it down. Some folks find it helpful to use the ole study method...

  • Say it
  • Listen to it
  • Write it
  • Do it!

Something like this...

Get Office Organized by September.

Then focus daily on these words until you complete your goal.

Continue To Break It Down Into Smaller, Do-able Steps

Next, break your goal down into even smaller steps. For example, you might decide to tackle paperwork first. You'll go through all the piled papers and decide what to keep and what can go.

If in the first week, you begin to see results (your recycling bin is full or your paper shredder is hot. ;-) Your confidence will build and you'll become even more motivated to continue.

Journal About Your Organizing Goals

Keeping a journal can be motivating too. In one half of your journal record your progress with getting your office organized. In the second half of the journal record just how much you have achieved toward your goal. You may not realize it, but when you write about yourself, you tend not exaggerate. Then, be sure to read your journal often.

Use a red pen to write your step-by-step organizing achievements. And if you put off a goal for a few days or a week don’t worry about it. We all have setbacks and life circumstances that sidetrack our goals no matter how hard we try.

The important thing is to just keep going.

Don't Give Up!

Finally, don't give up! Recognize how far you've come and you'll notice that your confidence is growing. Once you realize this then you will be close to your larger goal – so stay focused!

It's also important to reward yourself every now and then too. You deserve it!

Remember, if Neil Armstrong can walk on the moon, we ought to be able to set and achieve our (likely smaller ;-) goals too!

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