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Turn Your Hobby Into Your Job!

Turn your hobby into your job and do what you love!

Why do so many people work at jobs that they don't love?

Perhaps they think they don't have the time to pursue something better. Or, maybe they think they cannot make enough money doing something they enjoy.

There are probably endless reasons why it seems impossible. There are also endless reasons why doing what you love and making a living at it is entirely possible!

How do you make more time to pursue something better?

Get More Organized And Simplify Some Things You Are Doing Now

Since we are talking about "work", it makes sense to start with your home office. You will need a place to work on your new life's work.

So let's get your home office supplies and work area more organized.

Click on Office Supplies and get started. Then return here for a few more ideas to keep you moving toward doing what you love.

Decide to simplify a few of your activities to help create more time. Get up an hour earlier, eliminate reading a magazine, hire someone to mow the lawn.

Small adjustments can free up that time you need.

Just Start!

There is so much more you could do before you turn your hobby into your job. But if you spend too much time getting ready, you may never start.

We are constantly being reminded that everything has to be "just right", "perfect", or "on time" .

Let's try a new mindset. One of my favorite motivational speakers, Mike Litman, uses a phrase that I just love. He says "You don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going!".

You Don't Have To Get It Exactly Right, You Just Have To Get It Going!

Write that down and put it where you will see it often.

Say it over and over. You are on your way!

Home Office more organized?

Now that your Home Office is in better order it's time to...

Schedule a Brainstorming Session

Yes, please schedule it. Reserve at least an hour in your planner or on your calendar. It's so easy to NOT get it going when you are used to saying you will get to it just as soon as...

So schedule it and return here when it's time to Brainstorm.


Brainstorm Session

Grab a notebook and ask yourself "what do I love to do?

Start writing down ANYTHING that comes to mind no matter how silly it may seem. Try not to analyze, all you are doing is compiling a list of possibilities.

If you enjoy using the internet, visit Small Businesses and click on "Hobbies" in the Reviews box. The page loads a bit slow because you view the wonderful home pages of each site, but believe me it is worth the wait! You will see lots and lots of Web sites, businesses actually, which everyday folks turned their hobbies into their jobs.

Now I suggest that you set your notebook aside and allow yourself some time to process your ideas.

Be sure to schedule another hour soon. You will be reducing your list to some very real possibilities.

And remember what Mike said?"

You don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going!"

Reduce Your Idea List

It's Time to reduce your list to about five possibilities.

Circle the top five or so.

Now try to put them in order from your most favorite idea to the fifth most favorite idea.

Now, assuming you are already working and either not exactly enjoying your job or are looking to start something and want to do what you love, I have a few suggestions.

What About An On-line Business?

If you have a computer, it is a very real and lucrative possibility. Don't worry if you are a "Newbie", ANYONE can have a successful on-line business if they know about the right tools for starting one.

Try to keep an open mind about this. I could go on for pages about the endless potential and benefits. However it might be more fun for you to check out this video...

Even if you are completely not interested in an on-line business, Site Build It! is so packed with amazing ideas and information that anyone, anywhere and at any age will learn something from Ken Evoy, the Mastermind behind this incredible site.

Please visit at least once. You will gain so much insight and very likely will become so excited about the possibility that you CAN do what you love and turn your hobby into your job.

Before you know it you will find all kinds of time to "get it going!". See what just a little organizing and simplifying can do? Add a new mindset and you are on your way.

Keep Your Present Job For Now

I must remind you, of course, not to quit your present job until you are established and can afford to. Even if you turn your hobby into your job, it can take months or even a year before you can afford to leave a full time salary. You CAN succeed and once you do you will find yourself asking why you waited so long!

Prefer An Off-line Job?

If you decide you would like to do something off-line, do as much research as possible on the internet. Why?

Because nearly all of the information on-line is current, comprehensive and mainly authored by people like you!

The internet is fast and boundless but BE CAREFUL to not get side-tracked. Post a sticky note to your monitor with your top five ideas to keep reminding yourself that you are there to research doing what you love, not to check out that wonderful book you came across.

When you start to get side-tracked, and it's almost impossible not to, either bookmark or write down what caught your attention and return during your leisure time. This is so important to keep you moving forward.

So What Does Turning Your Hobby Into Your Job Have To Do With Organizing?

Let's Review:

Getting a little more organized will help you create some extra time.

You can now use this extra time to investigate the idea of turning what you love into your job.

The extra time created by getting more organized eliminates the excuse that you don't have time!

Simplifying some of the things you do also creates more time. Just packing a lunch rather than going out can free up at least a half-hour in which you can do some brainstorming!

Find a well designed, content-rich Web site, such as Site Build It! that can help you brainstorm and open yourself to new possibilities.

Remind yourself what Mike Litman says. "You don't have to get it right you just have to get it going." Schedule a brainstorming session.

Brainstorm! Write them all down.

Schedule an "idea reduction" session.

Reduce your ideas to about five great ones.

Start your research. On-line, off-line, whatever you prefer.

Make A Decision And GET IT GOING!

And to think it all started with a little organizing!

Organize, Simplify, Get It Going.

Turn your hobby into your job!

There has never been a better time than now!

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