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Organize Office Supplies

Larger office supplies such as a desk, chair, computer, phone, fax, printer and good lighting are the basic essentials for a home office.

For now let's address how to organize smaller Office Supplies. You may have these in abundance or you may not have some items that could help you keep more organized.

If they are in abundance, it's time guessed it! SORT! This is the number one step to Organize Office Supplies.

And, it's much more fun than sorting paper. You may even find that you have seven staple removers. Think of the space you are going to create!

Organize Office Supplies quickly and easily!

This is easy. You don't even need a timer.

Just sort into:

1. Things You Use

2. Things You Don't Use

Take the Things You Don't Use, bag or box them up and give them to your favorite charity.

Next, sort the Things You Do Use by Use... it makes sense, really! For example, sort by Desk Supplies, Computer Supplies, Paper Supplies. Then store like items together (preferably in a clear tote) and label. Stack them in one area and you now have a Supply Center. Voila!

If you really do have seven staple removers, give away five, put one in the drawer/utility tote and store case yours disappears.

When you sit at your desk (or table), your primary space is anything within an arm's reach. This is where you should have your stapler, staple remover, paperclips, pens, stamps, tape, scissors and sticky notes. Ideally, these should go in a drawer in an organizing tray but if you're short on space, a medium utility tote with a carry handle works quite well.

If you find yourself frequently leaving your desk for a supply, you probably need an extra to keep in your Home Office. Remember "Retrieval" from Paper Organizing?

On the other hand, if you find yourself frequently dusting a supply, you may not need it at all!

Okay, Office Supplies all organized!

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