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Too Many Baby Toys

by Amanda

My kids are 2 and 10 months. They share a room and their room is so cramped. I do not have enough space in my house for all of their stuff. They have to share a room b/c there is no other room for them. The baby has so much big stuff... like jumperoo, swing, bouncy seats, etc.

I feel like my house is being taken over by toys! I hate to get rid of the baby toys from my first daughter b/c I don't know what my baby daughter will play with.

Their room drives my crazy. I can hardly walk in there. I have 4 big totes of toys that are heaping. I know they don't need it all but people spent good money on it and I feel guilty for getting rid of it. I don't need it perfect, I just want to walk through it. What can I do??

Thanks for any advice I can get.

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Apr 25, 2010
Organizing Toys for Multiple Kids
by: The Organizer

Hi Amanda.

It seems that you are experiencing the "new mom of two" syndrome (yes, I made that up!), but I believe that every mother experiences the dilemma after their second child arrives.

It doesn't make sense to give away and buy everything new for the new child, right? People with lots of kids wouldn't survive if they did that.

The main things that parents collect for hand-me-downs are toys and clothes. It's okay for you to keep them, but they don't necessarily need to be kept in the children's bedroom.

I suggest that you limit the space for toys to a few toy boxes and shelves . Put all of the favorite toys in the boxes or on the shelves in the room (maybe the large items could go in the top of a closet) and either store, sell or give away the rest.

The things to store are toys that are not age-appropriate, but the storage boxes need to be marked so that when you have a spring cleaning spree, you can substitute the new toys with the old ones that they have outgrown. When you clean out the toys, it will be exciting for children since they already have new toys to replace them.

You might also find the page on organizing kids stuff to be helpful as your kids grow.

-The Organizer

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