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SBI For WP Review

I'm adding this SBI for WP review since it's the product that replaces bizXpress (bXp) which I previously wrote a review about for those of you who were interested in starting an organizing (or related) business online, and wanted to use WordPress. SBI for WP is modeled after SBI!, the online business building platform I've used for for about 10 years.

At the time I wrote the other review, I had started a new blog on WordPress and was missing a lot of the functionality I loved and had at my fingertips within SBI!. In short, bXp was helpful but not quite what I expected. For those familiar with WordPress, then you know what plugins are. As it turned out, bXp was not actually a plugin and it took you off WordPress when using it. 

Long story short, after SiteSell (creators of SBI!) received tons of feedback on their much wanted product for WordPress, they completely rebuilt it from the ground up and now have launched "SBI for WP" - a much more descriptive name if you ask me and the reason for this SBI for WP review.

SBI for WP includes a new business building Action Guide, premium content, and an all-new fully-featured real WordPress plugin.

What's Included

The first thing I did while drafting this SBI for WP review was logging in to, where I was presented with a sharp, clean interface. The top horizontal nav includes links for...

  • Action Guide (training in how to build a business)
  • Tips & Techniques (TNT) HQ (tons of helpful articles)
  • Monetization HQ (articles on different ways to earn from your blog)
  • Tools (niche/keyword brainstorming tool, etc.)
  • Support (several ways to get help of you need it)

Beneath that there's an intro with some additional links for getting right to your niche research.

Then you're presented with the SBI for WP Plugin. Since I already have a blog on WordPress, I downloaded and installed the plugin right away. It worked beautifully and I was pleased to see that it installs and updates like any other plugin I've used. 

Within WordPress, the SBI for WP plugin shows up on the left nav. From there you'll see a popout subnav with the following options...

  • Settings
  • Brainstorm It (keyword research and niche discovery tool)
  • Master Keyword List (where your keywords are stored)
  • Action Guide (see above)
  • TNT (see above)
  • MHQ (see above)
  • Support (see above)

So basically you can access everything from within WordPress now. Sweet!

Action Guide

Since I am very familiar with SBI!'s Action Guide, I didn't plan to spend a lot of time checking it out other than to click around to see what's new. Or so I thought. But since I'm doing an SBI for WP review I thought I better be thorough. Was I ever surprised when I clicked on Part 1 and was presented with a beautiful layout complete with course progress charting. Nice touch! I clicked through the next few Parts and was equally impressed. Clean, clear concise. Love it. 

Niche & Keyword Research Tool

Brainstorm It is the main reason why I was missing SBI! so much when building my WordPress blog. It's a powerful keyword research tool that helps you first to identify a profitable niche to build a business around, and then tells you what keywords to write content about. It's a robust tool that can do WAY more than I know how to do - kind of like with my iphone ;-) 

I headed back to Brainstorm It and did a couple of sessions. These are the main brainstorming options...

  1. Choose a Niche
  2. Find Keywords Containing Your Seed Word
  3. Find Keywords Relating To Your Seed Word

Since I already have a niche, I skipped the first one. So I started by doing a "Find Keywords Containing Your Seed Word" brainstorm session using the phrase "home organize". This returned hundreds of results that contain my keyword phrase. The second session returned hundreds more keywords related to "home organize" (i.e., time management).

From there I could sort the keywords in loads of different ways, most importantly (to me anyway) by...

  • Interest
  • Competition
  • Potential

Then I could scan, delete words I wasn't interested in and choose some with high potential ($) , high interest (demand) and low competition (supply) to write pages and posts around. Nothing like being able to organize organizing-related keywords for my blog. :-)

Another part that I was really excited about was, after I’d done this initial keyword research, how SBI for WP pulled my “Master Keyword List” right smack into my WordPress site and allowed me to view my target keyword data and competition right within a post! How convenient and efficient is that?!


SBI for WP is sold as a subscription for $17 a month, or $149 a year. There's also a 30-day money back guarantee.

I didn’t personally go through the ordering process (due to the free trial they offer), but their order page looks pretty standard, with options for paying by credit card or PayPal.


SBI for WP is a great business building platform to help you get your organizing business blog going on WordPress. You can use the Brainstorm It tool to research what your potential customers are looking for and make sure that your business and content are a good fit.

There’s a ton of educational value within the Action Guide, and lots of well-organized, supporting documentation that you can pick and choose from depending on the direction you want to take your online business. 

Here's a video I found on YouTube that walks you through the Brainstorm It Tool that I cover here in the SBI for WP review.

Once you've determined your organizing-related niche, you'll register your domain and begin to build your blog. As you add content, visitors will start finding your posts for various keywords they search on (i.e., organize paperwork). You'll then learn the different ways to earn income from your content and add those as you go.

I hope this Solo Build It for WP review was helpful and I wish you luck on finding your perfect organizing business niche. There's plenty of untapped niches in this field. 

Note: other than complimentary access to product in order to review it, I received no monetary compensation from SiteSell for my review, and my opinions are my own. If you want to read other Solo Build It for WP reviews, visit

Thanks for reading!

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