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bizXpress Review

If you've visited over the past 10 years you're probably aware that I use SBI! to build my site and home organizing business. I recommend SBI! on my business related pages to those of you who are also interested in starting an organizing related business.

I've also recently started a blog using WordPress but found that I was missing the tools, step-by-step guide and helpful community that you get with SBI!. Recently though, the company who created SBI! launched a new product called bizXpress which is like a plugin for WordPress. It's basically a WordPress version of SBI! without the site builder. Since my blog is relatively new, I could not have been more excited to hear this news and decided to try it out. For those of you who like and or use WordPress or are considering that platform, I hope you find my bizXpress review below helpful.

Update: bizXpress is being replaced by SBI For WP. See my review here

What Is bizXpress?

bizXpress is like a plugin for WordPress. I guess we better back up a minute and answer the question "What is WordPress?" (for those unfamiliar with it).

WordPress is open source software for creating a website or blog. WordPress is free and there are literally thousands of free and paid plugins and themes available to help you add whatever design or functionality you need.

One of the challenges with using WordPress, however, are the sheer number of options for plugins and themes. It can get a little overwhelming trying to go through so many to find what you need. That's the gap this new bizXpress plugin aims to fill. And anything they don't include, they provide researched and tested recommendations for.

4 Step Process

bizXpress follows the same 4 step process that SBI! does...

1. Content - write unique content about something you know and love

2. Traffic - attract visitors to your site

3. PREsell - develop trust through your awesome content

4. Monetize - earn income by offering quality products, services and solutions

What's Included In bizXpress

Action Guide - walks you through 10 action-focused "days" to building a successful business

Tools - brainstorming, niche finding and keyword research tools

Knowledge Base - supplementary business strategy articles, tips and techniques

Guidance - private forum and product support

If you don't have WordPress yet, you'll need to get your hosting and install WordPress before installing and activating the bizXpress product. I use Bluehost for my hosting but I can't really recommend it yet since I just started with them a short time ago. So far so good though. :-)

Next, click go to the bizXpress site. You can choose the "Lite" version for free and try the plugin out to see if it's right for you. Or, choose the full version called bizXpress Pro which includes everything you need (in addition to WordPress and hosting) in order to build a profitable online business.


In summary, bizXpress will walk you step-by-step through brainstorming and researching a topic to build your online organizing-related business around. Your topic can be something you love, have knowledge or experience in or simply something you plan to devote a great deal of time to learning more about. The Brainstorm It! Tool that comes with bizXpress will help you through this part of the process.

Once you've settled on a site topic, you'll register your domain and begin to build your site or blog. Just keep following the Action Guide. Once you have a good number of pages up, you'll begin to attract visitors to your site. Following that, you'll research ways to make money with your site by offering products through affiliate programs, creating your own products to sell, doing some advertising and a bunch of other ways. Whatever products/services you offer will be only those you'd truly recommend and believe your audience would genuinely be interested in.

The brainstorming tool, action guide, supplemental business articles and  community of other bizXpress owners are always at your fingertips when you get stuck. My new site on Wordpress is very young but I am thrilled to have a system like Solo Build It! to follow while I build it on the WP platform.

If you have questions about bizXpress, you can talk to a real person who is knowledgeable about the plugin by calling the number or completing the form here.

I hope you've found my short bizXpress review useful!

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