How to Organize Stuff on Existing Shelves

by Angela

I have racks on the top of my closet and down low on three of my walls. In the middle of the long wall there are shelves about the size of a shoe box. On the next bigger wall there is another set of shelves. I'm not sure how to put all my stuff in there so I can find it. I'd like to make efficient use of these shelves and I can't change them.


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Apr 08, 2010
Using Categories to Organize a Closet
by: The Organizer

Hi Angela! It sounds like your closet has the basics of organizing. Your challenge is in using storage space efficiently.

The tops shelves need to be used for stuff that you don't use everyday like purses, bags, sheets, blankets, and so forth. The lower shelves can be used for storing shoes and the center units of shelves in the middle are awesome for keeping folded sweaters. If they are wide enough, you might even consider them for folded jeans or shorts.

Basically, what you need to do is to evaluate everything that you intend to keep in the closet and group them in categories that make sense to you. That will make easy to find things when you are looking for them in they are somewhat categorized.

You might find my article on organizing closets to be helpful.

-The Organizer

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