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Various projects & activities to keep up with

by Natalie T.
(California Hot Springs, CA)

Hi! I'm the community club leader for a local youth group, with lots of papers that I have to keep to turn in at the end of the program year, plus the monthly agendas and any notes or things I need to bring up at the meetings. Then I'm also on my high school reunion committee and have notes and plans to keep up with that project until October 2010. And lastly, I'm a homeschooling mom of 2 boys.

I like keeping my calendar in a 3 ring binder but find it tears my other notes eventually or I end up with what feels like a 50 pound binder to carry around. I've tried using different binders for each project but then again I'm carrying around a bunch of stuff and look like a bag lady!

Do you have any suggestions for keeping these 3 main projects handy but not overwhelming? Thank you, Natalie

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Jun 30, 2010
Organizing Multiple Projects for the Busy HomeSchool Mom
by: The Organizer

Hi Natalie! Thanks for writing in. I can feel your pain. It is hard to stay organized when you are basically an overwhelmed person.

I would like to start by saying, first of all, that your homeschool stuff can be left in your home office. There's no sense in carrying it around with you to meetings and such as long as you have your committed dates documented in a planner that you carry around with you. I have found that electronic planners are handy in keeping up with dates.

I would keep the other two projects separate in either a binder or an accordian file. They are portable and they even make them with handles which makes them easy to tote. You can keep the files in your vehicle so that they are there if you need them for meetings and such.

You might also be interested in my homeschool organizing tips. They have helped many homeschooled to improve organization in their homes.

The Best to You!

-The Organizer

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