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Use shelving unit for family homeschooling resources

by Erin (not the site owner!)

Me again ;-)

I bought a 5-shelf shelving unit when we began homeschooling. On the top shelf are my teacher's manuals and a magazine holder with all the catalogs full of homeschooling goodies. On the next shelves are the children's curricula, one shelf for each child. On the bottom shelf is a large wicker basket where I keep all the papers that have accumulated for portfolios, etc. I sort through this once per month and add the pages I'm keeping to the portfolio notebooks, then chuck the rest. On this shelf is also a basket with all the craft stuff, divided into Tupperware containers within the basket. Hope this helps someone!

I like it because I never have to look anywhere else... and at the end of the year I sell off a shelf or two's worth and add the new stuff.

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