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Unorganized After Four Kids
And Financial Blows

by Lisa

I used to be the most organized person there was, untill I had four kids and 2 marriages along with custody battles, ex husband in prison, and so on and so on.

My life has turned into the most unorganized life there could be. I havent done anything for myself in years, I dont even know who I am anymore.

I am on a new venture to find myself again along with organizing my life and getting it all together. I dont feel happy anymore, I need help to get it all together. Someone please help me!!

I love to scrapbook, make jewelry. I have all the stuff to do it (even bought a Cricut Expression) but havent had a chance to use it.

I love being creative but I feel as if I have no time to do what I enjoy. I need to become more organized in all aspects of my life to find myself again and live.

Right now I'm in a bad funk that I cant seem to get out of, everywhere I turn and look there is clutter and complete DISorganization. Its so overwhelming that I walk by it day by day.

Please help me get out of my funk and do something with my life before it passes me by and I did nothing to save my soul.

The Organizer:

Hey Lisa, seems you are already taking some steps by realizing where you are and knowing what you like to do.

How is your work space and home? Cluttered? Why not take just one hour each day to declutter it. As soon you see some progress with the area you spend your time in, you will start feeling better and have more strength to do more.

You can start by checking out this page - Declutter Forever.

If you simply can't make yourself do anything during the day, why not start working on it the first thing in the morning. As soon as you get up, start decluttering.

After a few days, when you see how the space looks better, you will probably want to do even more.

Don't forget to take some before and after photos so you can see what a great work you did.

Then start learning about the hobbies you like. Obviously you have what you need to start with it, just find a book or a website with a lot of jewelry making tips and learn one new thing every day.

When you start working on that, don't let clutter creep its way into it. So organize your hobby supplies.

I think this should give you a few starting points and once you are into them, please stop by to tell us how you are doing so we can work on more ideas!

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