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Start A Home Decorating File

Start a home decorating file using a simple accordion file and notebook!

Paint: Tape paint swatches to pages in your notebook. Next to each swatch, make a note of the room/s where the colors were used. Include the brand and color number too and even where you bought it. Then when it comes time to touch up or repaint, you will have the info you need.

Windows: Measure and record window dimensions. Add info about what type of treatments are on windows in each room, color, brand and style.

Floors: Add a carpet sample for rooms that are carpeted. Add notes about what colors blend and match well. Include small samples of wood flooring showing the wood types and colors. If you have ceramic tile in your home, add small samples of that as well.

Include any information that you think will be helpful when selecting furniture, accessories or window treatments. etc.

Take your home decorating file with on that trip to IKEA and you'll be glad you did!

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