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Small House Organizing Help

by Erika

Hi, I live in a very small house here in Mexico, my 3 year old son has a little room and a huge amount of toys. I do not know how to store them or how to organize his room. It has not shelves at all. Please help me!!! Everything is piled. Thanks!


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Apr 02, 2010
What To Do With Toys
by: The Organizer

Hi Erika,

You will definitely benefit from my article on organizing kids' rooms. There are tons of tips there.

I often advise parents only to keep the "most played with toys" in a child's bedroom. The rest can be stored away in storage boxes, perhaps in the closet. See through storage boxes are ideal for kids because they can see what it is in them rather than dumping out the box looking for something in particular.

My kids went through a phase where they didn't like their toys being stored away in boxes. We compromised and I let them keep them on one wall of their room using stackable baskets. It wasn't that different than being clear storage containers in the closet, except that it was central to the room which made it look kind of cluttered, but they liked it and were more cooperative about picking up and putting away the toys.

The best to you.

-The Organizer

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