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Planning A Camping Trip

Planning a camping trip rather just than doing the "let's go camping!" thing will help make your adventure a whole lot more enjoyable.

Camping is great family fun, but with children there are a lot of extra considerations. To keep your sanity and really enjoy yourself, try some of these tips for a more relaxed, hassle free vacation.

Backpacks For Everyone

Except for the very young, backpacks are the ideal way to carry clothes and necessities for each individual. They take up less room than suitcases or equipment bags, which you often don't have room for in a tent or camper anyway. Make each person responsible for carrying their own stuff.

Minimal Packing

Take only what you need, and not a dozen changes of clothing according to the time of day, for fussier children. Take the number of days you'll be gone, and factor in emergency changes of clothes. Lay out each child's items, or fill their backpack yourself. Give older children a list of what they must have, and check before leaving to see if it's all there.

Wash and Wear

Make sure everyone has clothes that can be tossed in the nearest Laundromat, and not worry about the wrinkles from being carried in a backpack. You're not likely to need much in the way of dress up items.


Make sure you have the necessities, including bathroom tissue, small package of laundry soap, extra toothbrushes, first aid kit, bug repellent and bite treatments, sunscreen, and a radio with spare batteries.

Planning a camping trip and keeping things simple helps you enjoy what camping is all about... outdoor family fun!

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