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Packing Your Stuff for College

I recommend NOT purchasing your packing supplies until you have all your supplies assembled. You’ll find an abundance of colorful and clear storage containers, totes and other efficient packing solutions at local Wal-Mart, Target or hardware stores. To save huge amounts of space, use SpaceBags (or their generic equivalent.) If you’ve never used these before you won’t believe how much you can pack into them and compress them to be flat as pancakes. SpaceBags come in a variety of sizes.

Like everything else in the packing and storage industry, SpaceBags are getting more versatile by the year. You’ll find ones for clothing, dresses/suits, bedding, towels, and more. We were amazed when we stuffed one of these bags with a comforter, sheets, blanket, body pillow, two bed pillows and a set of bath and beach towels and then voila! Flat as a pancake! Another reason is you’ll avoid the temptation to want to “take more!” once you see the space savings.

Use SpaceBags for bedding, towels, clothes and other soft items. If possible, try to pack the rest of your stuff in categories: shoes in one, toiletries in another, cooking/snack stuff in another, etc.

Cheap Dorm Room Supplies

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