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Organizing Newspapers

by Anonymous

How do I keep newspapers organized?

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Mar 11, 2010
Keeping Newspapers and Newpaper Clipping Organized
by: The Organizer

Hi there. When it comes to organizing newspapers, first you need to consider why they are being kept.

  • Are the newspapers used for research?

  • Are you keeping them for a keepsake nature?

  • Is it necessary to keep the whole newspaper or would newspaper clippings work just as well?

  • These motives will help you to decide how to organize them.

    If you collect newspapers for research, you might consider organizing them by date in a storage box and making an index of subjects discussed in each newspaper for easy reference. You can do this by using index cards or by making the index on a spreadsheet that can be sorted by subject. The index will tell which newspaper discusses the subject and the date of publication. If you have organized the newspapers by date, it will be easy to find the newspaper and the article that you are looking for.

    Newspaper clippings are easily organized in a filing system. You can attach the clippings to a regular sized paper and file them by subject or date.

    If they are for keepsakes, you can put the newspaper clippings into a memory book.

    The best to you in organizing your newspapers!

    -The Organizer

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