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Organize Your Familys
Morning Routine

Remember the night before the first day of school when you were real young?

Did you lay out what you were going to wear right down to those new shoes?

Did you go through all your school supplies making sure you had every last thing on the teacher's list?

Maybe you even helped pack your lunch in that cool new lunch box.

Organize Your Familys Morning Routine!

Well, in a sense, you were getting organized! All the preparation helped you be ready for your first morning of school. No looking for socks, hurriedly making your lunch, gobbling down your breakfast and racing to the bus.

In the same way, when you organize your familys morning routine you'll help everyone's day start smoothly. Try some of these "tried and true" tips and do them until they become a habit.

  • Plan out clothes the night before. Even small children can pick out favorite outfits.
  • Make lunches ahead.
  • Keep backpacks and briefcases in same place so everyone know where to locate them.
  • Check homework and sign planners, etc.
  • Decide what your family will eat for breakfast and make sure you have it on hand. Lay out non-perishables.
  • Do up all the dishes the night before so you don't get sidetracked doing them in the morning.
  • Make sure the kids know what they need for sports and activities.
  • Lay out the coffee/tea and breakfast fixings.

There are many things you can do the night before to help make mornings less stressful.

Get your kids in on this too and teach them a lifelong skill!

Now, wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to go out to go to work...

That's just what I do! I work at home. And believe me, our family's morning routine is so much less stressful. And the best part? I am home when the kids are not in school... ahem... which is ALOT in this part of the world. I'm home...

  • During School Vacations
  • During Summer Break
  • On School Institute Days
  • On Days When The Kids Are Sick

Yes, there are challenges that come with working from home, but for our family it has been the best possible work solution for this mom! Maybe you could become a work at home mom too :-)

Now... back to organizing!

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