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Organize The Refrigerator

After Organizing the pantry, how about we move on to Organize The Refrigerator? This will be fast (don't want cold items out too long!) and easy.

Clear off a table or countertop. Quickly empty the fridge. Clean the inside, including drawers, racks and door shelves. While that's drying, go through everything, throwing away the obvious.

Next, sort into groups:






Refrigerators today are designed for product-specific storage. See your Refrigerator Manual for details. Usually there is a crisper designed to keep in humidity for veggies. As well, there is probably a meat drawer in the coldest area designed for safe defrosting and storing of meats. The door has shelves for condiments and bottled foods. Some doors have a spot for milk, and butter. Use these designated areas! They will help preserve your cold food and save you money by decreasing spoilage.

There are many helpful refrigerator organizing products available. You can use pull-out trays, turntables, see-through(!) plastic containers, can dispensers and so on. You will have to decide on these depending on what your staples are. Why do we call them "staples"? I'll have to look that up someday...

Okay, ready to re-load? Put everything away in the designated areas grouped in your categories as closely as possible. Of course things like milk and cheese won't likely be stored together but I think you know what I mean.

Try out your new arrangement for a few days or so. Then move things around to suit your needs if necessary. Be sure to communicate to family members that you would like them to put things back in the right spot. Please don't expect perfection, especially from young children. If they get it close, that's okay!

Next time you hear "Can I please have some milk?" it will be a pleasure to open your refrigerator and serve with a smile!

See? It's even a pretty good idea to Organize the Refrigerator!

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