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Organize The Car?!

Yes, even our cars need to be organized
once in a while!

Organize the car on a nice warm day and the next trip you take will feel wonderful. If you have children, then I know you need to organize your car once in a while ;-)

I always find it amazing how many crayons, cheerios and small toys I find whenever I organize our car!

Estimated Time To Organize The Car: 1-2 hours

Pull out the car and take everything out of it. Don't forget the glove/storage compartments. Throw away trash, old maps and so on.

Decide what you know will go back in...

  • Insurance Papers
  • Car Maintenance Items
  • Emergency Kit
  • Maps
  • First Aid Kit

... and set aside.


  • shop vac
  • hose
  • bucket
  • wash sponge
  • rags
  • upholstry/leather cleaner
  • etc.

Or just drive over to a car wash that also provides a vacuum and clean away!

Wipe down seats, doors and dash.

Wash windows inside and out.

Before you return what is going to go back in, ask yourself if you could keep your car cleaner and more organized if you had a car organizer or two. Check out the many styles of helpful car organizers and see if one might suit your needs. At the very least, make sure you keep a small bag for trash and something to contain items that children use - the key word being "contain." Keep reusable shopping bags in the car too which will come in handy.

Put the items to be returned to your car back in and there you go!

Aren't you proud of yourself? That didn't take long at all!

Ongoing car interior maintenance

In order to keep your car neat and clean all the time, make it a habit to bring everything that doesn’t belong in the car inside the house at the end of each day. If you have children, teach them the habit too. Just like any other organizational skill you teach them it will help them develop a lifetime habit and will extend to other areas that need ongoing upkeep.

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