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Organize Errands

Do you feel like you are driving too much?

Do you find yourself stopping at the store several times a week?

Would you like to become more efficient with errands?

Organize Errands and Frequent Short Trips

Try keeping a running list of errands.

Date the top of a piece of paper. Start a new sheet on the same day every week.

Write down the names of places you will need to run to this they come to mind. Grocery and household supply stores, cleaners, library, bank, post office, gift shop, any place you will need to get to this week.

Whenever you, your spouse or driving teen are going out, get in the habit of checking the errand list. If you are going in one direction and someone else is passing a store in the other direction, each take the errands that make sense.

I found value in the "Forget Me Not" Door Knob Notepad, It may seem kind of silly, but it reminds everyone to do their part!

With a little practice you will soon be much more efficient about your errand running and be able to use that time to do something you enjoy!

And with gas prices as high as they are, doesn't it just make sense to reduce all that running around?

Once you've reduced all the short trips, try organizing something else!

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