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Organize Kids Bedroom

Organize Kids Bedroom - Fun and Organized Can Coincide

A challenge every family with children faces is keeping the kids' bedroom organized. Between toys, clothes and school things, it can seem impossible. However, there are ways to get the kids' things organized and have fun at the same time. There are many styles of storage units available. Bright colors and cartoon characters from your child's favorite show are sure to be a hit. By combining different units, you can have a place for everything.

There are many different styles of storage. There are the standard under-the-bed boxes, storage that can be hung on the wall or doors, or closet organizers. First, you need to decide what kind of storage will work best, not only for the amount of stuff in your kid's bedroom, but the age of the child as well. Once you decide what type of storage you need, let the kids help choose the style.

Once the new storage is purchased, this can be a time to rearrange the kids' bedrooms. Let the kids have a say in how they would like their room (within reason, of course). By being involved, it gives them a sense of ownership and makes them more likely to want to keep things nice.

To help your child get the dirty laundry organized, one of the simplest ways is to set up a basketball hoop above an open hamper. By attaching one to the wall above the hamper, clean up turns into a game. There are hoops that have suction cups, so you can attach it to any smooth wall and not damage it.

Many things that are designed for storage in a kid's bedroom serve a dual purpose. There are desk and chair sets that have storage in the desk and the chair. There are also seats that have a cushion attached to the lid of a round barrel-like container. The container is perfect for stuffed animals or other large toys, and gives the child a comfy place to sit while reading or relaxing.

A cute storage unit is the collapsible bin. These are fabric bins built around a large spring that can collapse into a flat circle for easy storage. The bins are decorated to look like animals or people. Some have a lid for the head, which is attached at the back like a hinge with velcro at the front to keep them closed, while others (like an alligator) have an open mouth. The bin is the body and they have things like flippers, wings, paws and hands on the container to add details. They come a wide variety of styles in bright colors. There is sure to be one that any child will love. They are perfect for either dirty clothes or light toys.

Once you get the kid's bedroom organized, find creative ways to help the kids keep their rooms organized. If you have more than one child, maybe make it a contest to see who can keep their room the neatest for the longest. Let them earn points toward a special treat for every day they clean up their room without being asked. Find what works for your family and the work won't be as hard.

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