Organize and Store Clothes for When Kids are Older

by Traci

We have clothes purchased at garage/rummage sales for three children for future use (too large for them now). How should we organize them so they are not forgotten as the kids grow, yet not have the clothes take up valuable closet space?



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Apr 05, 2010
Storing Clothes in Totes
by: Betty

May I suggest that in the future please don't purchase clothes for later use.
There are always more garage sales and thrift shops. Kids grow in various ways and may not even fit those garments at the age you purchased them for. They also become independent and may not wear what you've picked out for them.
In the meantime the best storage solution may be a large under bed see-through tote with the child's name and what size clothing is inside. then you can just slide it under a bed.

Apr 02, 2010
Storing Clothes for Future Use
by: The Organizer

Hi Traci,

First I would like to compliment you for planning ahead. It's always a good idea to buy things that you will need when you find a good deal. That's sound financial management.

I have found that the best way to store clothes for kids for the future is to use storage bins with lids. They can be kept in a garage or storage room, perhaps in the rafters, or even in the attic. They are fairly mice and moth proof, but you might want to put some moth balls or cedar balls in them anyway just to be sure.

I suggest organizing them by the size of clothing and the child that they are for and marking the bin for easy access. When your kids start to grow and need new clothes, make it a point to check and see what you have got before you go shopping.

You might find my response to organizing storage areas to be extremely helpful.

-The Organizer

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