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Oprahs Clutter Challenge

Oprahs Clutter Challenge is stirring up quite a bit of excitement in the organizing industry!

Have you seen Oprah's "O-What-A-Mess Challenge"? It's featured in her Winter 2006 magazine. You can't miss the cover because it's, well...a mess! I heard Oprah say that she was a little nervous about that cover but she went ahead with it.

Well I have never bought her magazine before but that cover sure caught my attention! I picked up the magazine and thought you might want to know about it too.

If your short on time, here's a quick recap. The story is about a self confessed pack rat, Natalie, who decided to purge and re-organize her office-turned-black-hole (we all have one of those, right?) on a grand scale. Her previous attempts went like most of ours...good intentions, lots of organizing supplies and little follow-through.

Natalie finally hired Jill and Caren, Professional Organizing partners. Jill and Caren emptied out Natalies office, sorted, itemized, inventoried, painted and put back about 40% of the contents all within 3 days.

If you are at the library and can take a peek at the article, the pictures speak a thousand words. This office was an absolute disaster! The before and after shots are quite dramatic, depicting just the kind of transformation I love to make happen.

Finally, Oprah offers a "Win Your Own Clutter Cleanup" opportunity. You submit a photo of a cluttered space in your home with a description of how it got that way and how you hope to use it once it's cleaned up. The winner receives Jill and Caren's organizing services and supplies from the Container Store valued at $5000. More details can be found here...
Get Organized! The O-What-A-Mess Challenge

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