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Need Paper Organizing Tips for Writers

by Olivia

I'm a writer, which means I have a lot of paper around, and various letters that need keeping. Drafts, manuscripts and ideas get all mixed up among each other.

I basically just have piles of paper that I struggle to wade through. Any suggestions - I have tried a ringbinder system but this proved to be non-efficient - would be much appreciated.


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Apr 25, 2010
Organizing Writing Projects
by: The Organizer

Hi Olivia!

I once worked with a writer to organize paperwork, so I have some awesome tips for you.
She had tried the 3-ring binder method, and it didn't work for her either, so you are not alone.

We came up with the idea of using an accordion file to keep projects separate. That was great for small projects, but when she had a large products, like manuscripts, it didn't serve the purpose.

The working solution that we came up with was using a portable file box with hanging folders for her open projects. She said that it is easier to be able to flip through the pages without them being bound.

In massive projects with lots of pages, there is the possibility of dropping a manuscript and getting the pages all mixed up. She concurred to using the 3-ring method for them, but didn't really like the idea. I suggested that she use loose leaf binder rings. She loved the idea. That makes it possible to file the manuscripts in the portable file box and keeps the pages from getting separated or mixed up and it keeps everything in order by customer or project name so you can find it easily when you need it. When a project is completed, she moves the paperwork into her regular filing system.

I hope this helps!

-The Organizer

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