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Moving and Downsizing Tips

by Marilyn
(Illinois )

I'm drowning in disorganized clutter and need to move and downsize. Any tips on how to get started? I am overwhelmed.

from Illinois

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Apr 08, 2010
Organized in a New Home
by: The Organizer

Hi Marilyn,

I totally understand your situation. The process of moving, downsizing and coming out organized can be quite a challenge especially when clutter exists, but keep your head up. You actually have an advantage!

The number one way to organize a room is to move out completely and then move back in. That's exactly what you are doing, so use it to your benefit.

I suggest setting aside your "must haves" before you start packing. These will include things that you will need right away in your new place such as clothes for several days, toiletries, linens, school/work supplies, basic kitchen supplies (don't forget a can opener), and cleaning supplies. Having such things handy can drastically reduce the stress of moving for everyone involved. Make sure that you have enough boxes and packing supplies before you start packing so you won't be constantly running out to get something.

Start packing room by room and don't go to the next until the room is totally cleared out. Mark your boxes in regard to the room that the contents came from or where they will go in your new house.

When you begin each room, I suggest having three boxes in addition to the boxes that you are packing stuff in. Label these boxes "Give Away", "Relocate" and "Trash". Give away or trash anything that you haven't used in a year that doesn't have sentimental value or purpose for the future (that's my downsizing and clutter free technique). When you run across something that doesn't belong in the room, put it in the relocate box. Leave the last box that you pack for the room open with some space so that you can place the relocate items from other rooms in the box for the room in which it belongs. Once you are done, take out the trash and take your give away items to a donation center.

Once you get to your new place, be sure to access my suggestions on organizing your home room by room . It will help you tremendously on getting a fresh start at your organized life!

The best to you.

-The Organizer

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