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Kitchen Organization

Kitchen organization is probably the key to overall household organization. The kitchen is often the center of a family home, with people gathering there for many activities in addition to cooking and eating. The more organized your kitchen is, the more inviting it will be as the center of your home.

Take a quick inventory of your kitchen supplies. Are there items that you have unnecessary duplicates of that you don't really need? If so, get rid of them. You can either save them for a garage sale, or give them away. Then sort your kitchen items by use and size.

There are a few simple changes that you can make to help with kitchen organization and storage. Many items don't fit well in the cupboards. By hanging them from a frame with hooks, attached to the ceiling, it not only saves precious shelf space but also makes the pots and pans more accessible.

There are many nice designs you can purchase that will fit with most any décor; many of them have a cast iron or stainless look. You can also make a simple one with a wood frame, dowel rods and hooks. They can be mounted above the stove or an island.

The way your kitchen is laid out will have an impact in how you organize your tools and cooking supplies. An island offers a wonderful workspace that also provides a good deal of storage. Sometimes you can find small islands on wheels that can be kept in a cupboard or pantry and only brought out when needed. These can be a great addition to a smaller kitchen.

Storing your bake wear near the oven is a logical thing to do. Sometimes the stove itself will have a storage drawer in the base where you can keep cookie sheets. Your other baking supplies like spatulas, wooden spoons, and sprinkles, can be stored in drawers near the oven, too.

It is also a good idea to store your dishes, glassware and silverware near the dishwasher or sink. This reduces the amount of time it takes to put things away after washing.

Since kitchen cabinet organization can be tricky, there are many cupboard organizers that can help maximize your space for storing your dishes as well. There are mug trees and hooks that can help organize all the mugs and coffee cups.

There are many kitchen organization and storage units that can help increase your storage space. Even an extra set of shelves on top of the cabinet can increase your space. Canisters can help keep your baking supplies not only looking nice, but staying fresh longer. Open canisters also make a great place to store larger utensils that don't always fit well in the drawers.

Every kitchen is laid out a bit differently, so it may take some experimenting to see what sort of kitchen organization system works best for you. But once you establish a system, you might be surprised at how much more organized your kitchen is and how much time you'll save in preparing meals for your family.

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