Keeping Track Of Keys

by Anshu

How to keep track of keys

How to keep track of keys

I always forget where the keys to my house and car are and it creates chaos daily. How can I get better at keeping track of keys? What is the best way organize my keys? Is there a key organizer or something?

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Feb 16, 2010
Keeping Track Of Keys
by: The Organizer

THE most important element of keeping track of keys is consistency. It may take a bit of practice and discipline but the idea is very simple. Keep your keys in the same place when you leave, while you are out and when you return. Within a few weeks, you'll have developed a new habit, one that will save you time and aggravation by not having to search high and low for your keys anymore!

You can keep your keys in a decorative container, on a hook, in a drawer or wherever it makes the most sense to you. The most important thing is when ever you return home, put your keys in the same place every single time. When you go to leave, well there they are! It's the best way for keeping track of keys before and after going out.

If others share your keys like your spouse or a young driver, insist that they keep the keys in the same spot everytime too. All key holders need to keep track of the keys in the same way.

But what about in between? (i.e., when you are out and about)

Again, consistency rules. You can keep your keys in one of the following...

Pockets - coat, pants, sweater, etc.
Purse, backpack, etc.
On a keychain or clip (carabiner style) hanging from your belt loop or purse

Again, the important thing is to develop a habit of keeping them in basically the same place when you are out.

There are some key "finders" with buzzers available that you activate much like a car key FOB. Of course they only work within closed ranges but can be helpful while you are working on developing the habit of keeping your keys in the same place all the time.

If you have a trusted neighbor, make a spare set of house keys for them to keep just in case. And you can hide a spare set outside somewhere too. Just make sure that they are not in an obvious place (not under the doormat). And make sure that you can get to them in all kinds of weather, and that you remember where the hiding spot is!

Post your tips below for keeping track of keys!

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