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Seven Tools For Keeping A
Garage Organized

Keeping a garage organized can be an ongoing project. Many times people store so much stuff in their garage they can't even fit their cars in! There are many items you can use to reclaim the car spot for your garage. Below are seven helpful tools to help keep your garage organized.

1. Shelves - Attaching shelves to the walls of the garage can increase your storage space. There are also stand-alone shelving units that are perfect in the garage. They are usually heavy-duty plastic or metal and can hold the heavier items that are often found in the garage, such as tools and sports equipment.

2. Overhead Storage - Overhead storage is a great way to get things put away that you don't need as often, such as suitcases or holiday decorations that won't be affected by temperature changes. If you don't want to build permanent shelves, there are hanging shelf units that can attach to the rafters and provide a great storage area.

3. Pegboards - Pegboards, slotboards or slatwalls are excellent options for keeping a garage organized. You can attach hooks and/or baskets to allow for storage of a variety of items of all sizes. Brackets can be added to place shelves as needed. They can be completely customized to hold tools - both for the garden and the garage, parts, cleaning supplies, and much more.

4. Tool Hangers - There are a wide variety of hanging systems to hold tools. There are roller versions that grab the handles and hold them in place. There are also standard hooks that will hold the tool, with the handles hanging down. These will keep the tools out of the way, making things not only neater, but also safer.

5. Store Pod - Store-pods are a great addition to your garage storage system. They are waterproof, heavy-duty plastic storage units that are attached to the beams above. They look like a large plastic bag with shelves inside. The front is a clear plastic door that zips closed. They have ventilation slots that help reduce dust and mildew, while still keeping pests out of the things being stored.

6. Sports Storage - If you have a family involved with sports, there always seem to be balls, shoes and other sports gear lying around. Instead of tripping on them all the time, the garage is a great place to store them. There are specially designed holders for sports equipment. There are some for balls, bike racks and more. There are also bike racks that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

7. Cabinets - Cabinets with a work surface are perfect for keeping a garage organized. You can close the doors and hide any possible clutter. You also have a work area for projects that are too messy or noisy for the house. Many of these types of cabinets come with locks - not only to protect your tools, but also to keep small children safe.

Tip: Check out garage sales, thrift shops and second-hand tool stores to find garage organization tools at a bargain price.

Like basements, garages tend to need ongoing organization. This typically happens on a seasonal basis (i.e., spring and fall). Adding useful/helpful tools such as some of the above and organizing the garage a couple times of year will not only help you from getting overwhelmed by all the sutff but keep your car(s) in the garage too. :-)

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