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How to Organize Socks?

by Jen
(San Diego, CA)

I need help! With a busy work schedule and three kids at home, I'm feeling completely overwhelmed by laundry. I read your page about organizing my laundry room, which was super helpful, but I'm at a loss on how to handle all the socks.

No one can ever find a set of socks that match, I'll find my 13-year old wearing the 5-year old's Go Diego Go socks, and thanks to a mismatched sock hoarder, find grocery bags full of socks stuffed in odd places.

I'm ready to move us all to Hawaii so we can just wear flip flops everywhere.

Any tips on getting a handle on this mess?


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Nov 15, 2009
How To Organize Socks
by: The Organizer

Hi Jen,

Here's how to organize socks. I know exactly what you are talking about when it comes to this frustrating and time consuming part of doing laundry. I'd love to do a time study on how much time we spend washing socks, looking for socks, matching socks and nagging our kids to put their socks in the hamper!

My solution to this frustrating dilemma on how to organize socks took me a while to figure out because, well I'm frugal by nature. But I schemed for a long time and finally decided my time was more valuable than the time I was spending on organizing socks! So I gathered up all the socks in the house, matched the ones that were in good condition and donated them to a charity. The rest went in the trash. Sure, I "could" have used them for rags but well, I'm just not THAT frugal.

Next, I went to the store and bought my son a month's supply of black socks and bought my daughters each a supply of their favorite socks (I asked them first what their preference was). The girls both wanted white, but one wanted "no-show" and the other wanted "ankle-length". Problem solved! Now when I do laundry I put all the clean socks in a basket and then they simply grab their "sock style" and go. No more matching! I can't tell you what a time and frustration saver that crazy sounding decision was.

Anyone else have a great way to organize socks? Perhaps one where you don't have to make an investment in a whole new supply of socks? lol

-The Organizer

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