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How to Organize Snail Mail

by Kelly

Hi Erin, thanks for the financial give-away at the forum! I was visiting your site and was wondering if you had tips on "dealing with mail" (snail/mail) I am not a clutter-bug --but I can't process/organize my snail mail at all!... it's all over the place! Thanks... much success to you! I love your site!


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Apr 11, 2010
Getting Mail and Paperwork Under Control
by: The Organizer

You are welcome Kelly. Thanks for visiting my site.

Of course I have tips on dealing with snail mail. Do you remember way back when, there was talk about how computers would create paperless offices? Well, that didn't happen, did it? We are just as drowned in paperwork as we used to be.

When it comes to processing and managing mail, I take on the "do it now" method. As soon as you pick up the mail, you trash it, file it or schedule it and put in the appropriate place to go along with your scheduling.

  • Junk mail goes in the trash or gets run through the paper shredder (right away!)

  • Magazines can go in a magazine rack (weed out some old ones while you're at it).

  • Things that you need to keep need to be filed in your filing system.

  • Bills need to be scheduled and put in a filing system by date or in a handy desktop bill organizer until they are paid.

  • Invitations and so forth that you might refer to for details, can be placed on a bulletin board and thrown away as soon as the event goes by.

Sorting mail really only takes a few minutes. It will take some time to develop the habit, but it is so worth it!

My article on organizing home office paperwork and organizing school paperwork will prove useful!

The best to you.

-The Organizer

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