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How to Organize a Walk-in Hall Closet

by Erin

I could really use your advice! We just moved into a small rental house. On the main floor, there is a long walk-in closet, about 8' long by 5' wide. At the far end are shelves on which we have placed Rubbermaid totes full of sheets, etc (no closets in the bedrooms). On each side at eye level are wooden boards with hooks. The shelves run all the way to the ceiling so we can't add space there... but we still need a home for comforters, outdoor wear, hats, etc. Any advice you can offer would be gratefully received!

Erin(great name eh? lol)

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Apr 08, 2010
Organizing Things with Little Space
by: The Organizer

Hi Erin,

I have to tell you, you are blessed to have a walk-in hall closet! That's every woman's dream. However, the "no closets in the bedrooms" condition is unimaginable. A photo of the closet would be helpful in offering advice, but without it this is the best I can do.

You might consider putting in a bar across the closet to hang outerwear on. You would have duck under it to get to your storage boxes at the end of the closet, so make sure that you provide enough space between the bar and the storage shelves to access the storage containers on the shelves.

You can use the hooks for hats or perhaps hang them from the ceiling using a chain gang plastic clip strip or put them on an over the door baseball hat storage rack. Under-the-bed storage options also work well in a small home with limited storage space.

You can find awesome deals on these items by putting the description in the search field on Organize-It.

I hope this helps you!

-Erin, The Organizer :)

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