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Home Office Problems

by Gary
(Shoreline, WA USA)

Due to the nature of my work, I constantly deal with slips of paper on which is important information needed for a pending issue or communication. Consequently, my desk top is covered with little slips of paper that I know I will need at a moment's notice. It nearly always isn't enough information to warrant using a sheet of paper. But, it is a necessary bit of information I know I will need while something is pending or "in the works". Is there a way to organize these little slips of paper/notes so that I can have a clean desk top and still be able to get to the information immediately?

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Mar 18, 2010
Organizing Vital Notes
by: The Organizer

Hi Gary,

A lot of people experience the same problem that you are having. I suggest that you use a large bulletin board placed in a convenient location by your desk. When you make a note, stick it on the bulletin board. When the task is resolved and the note isn't important anymore, throw it away. Clean the board at least once a week so that you don't have non-vital notes cluttering up the board.

A lot of people use sticky notes and stick them to the hutch that is over their desk. I have a problem with that because sometimes they don't stick so well and they get lost. If the hutch is metal, some people use magnets. I prefer pinning them a board using thumbtacks.

You might benefit from reading my article on organizing a home office.

I hope this helps.

-The Organizer

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