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Home Management Software

by Jackie Pettus
(San Francisco)

Using 34 years of experience organizing a household and raising a family, I created household management software: checklists, charts and record keepers you can customize, print, share, store and access online. There's also a comprehensive Household Resources Guide with links (vetted, non-paid) to information and sites that are especially useful for families. Please go to my website at

I'm committed to providing the best online family organizing service on the Internet by

- Using only top of the line, state of the art server and encryption technology to safeguard your vital records.

- Welcoming your requests and suggestions for improvements and new home management software.

- Making it easy to customize and update your family organizers to meet your individual household's needs.

- Enabling you to print all of your household records for convenience and back up.

- Keeping HabiTool applications and the Habitudes website up-to-date with the latest information and technology.

- Providing compatibility with all major computers, mobile devices and browsers, so you have 24/7 access to your records.

My email is:

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