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Found Organizing As My Hobby

by Bolanle
(Ogun state, Nigeria)

I lived with a lot of people while growing up but found out one thing these families I lived with missed about me when I left their homes was my ability to put things in the right places in their homes.

In the process I taught a lot of them how to make their homes look good even with out necessarily buying new things. Just moving things around can really give your home some good look and for some who can afford to buy a few things, don't have to buy expensive things.

Your ability to combine and contrast rightly will make your home beautiful.

I carried this ability on to my marriage and even though I and my husband couldn't afford to buy expensive things, our home still looked very good that people would usually make pleasant comments about our living room, the kitchen, my kids room etc.

Some rich guy got into my home one day and said I wonder what you would do with your home if you had so much.

The truth though is that,sometimes the more simple but colorful, the better.

I have been without a job for a while and couldn't those kind of jobs that will keep me a lot away from my kids and so in my thoughts of what to do with he knowledge that my gift will make ways for me, got me decided to start the organizing business.

I am just going to start. I have done my friends homes for free, my pastors office, a waiting room. All for free.

The Organizer:

Hey Bolanle,
this is such an inspiring story! It is really nice of you to give away your talent to your friends and pastor. I am sure they will put in a good word for you when someone asks them how come their homes are so nice.

If you don't have a possibility to take a course, you should get your hands on some professional organizing resources and learn how to promote your business.

If you have friends in some companies that have unorganized and ugly offices, that may be a great way to get some work. Ask your friends if they would recommend your services to their managers. Every business owner likes to have professional and organized looking office.

Wish you a lot of luck in the new business and do come back to tell us how it is going!

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