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Finding Things Easily in the Kitchen

by Mani

How I can keep my kitchen in an organized manner so that I could find things easily without searching?

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Mar 03, 2010
Stop Searching Now
by: The Organizer

Hi Mani,

It is nice to know that other people have problems finding things in their kitchen. I believe I can help you out.

I love spending time in the kitchen baking goodies and making gourmet dishes. An unorganized kitchen takes the thrill right out of it, especially if there is a search every time you get ready to cook.

This used to be a huge problem for me but I realized that it was not me that was always misplacing kitchen supplies. It was my family that was misplacing things in their attempt to help in the kitchen. They simply didn't know where things were supposed to be kept.

I started out by reorganizing the kitchen step by step, spent some time getting used to the new organization, and then I brought my family in and explained to them what types of things went where and more importantly, why.

Now, when they are putting up pans for instance, instead of asking me where it goes, they ask if this pan is used for baking or casseroles. They understand that things are sorted by their uses in my kitchen and they are happy to place in the right part of the kitchen, if not precisely where it belongs in my mind, which makes it easier for me to find things.

I know that this tip does not fully answer your question. You can find additional tips on my web page about organizing kitchens. The article about decluttering might also be helpful.

Don't lose hope. A kitchen can be organized in way that makes it easy to find things when you need them.

-The Organizer

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