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Easy Meals

Looking for ideas for Easy Meals? Well, we DO want to keep having Family Meals! Mealtime or "the family table" can put a lot of pressure on us WAHMs. It's no secret that this is not Erin's forte. Jen on the other hand, loves to cook and she is blessed with a family who will for the most part eat what she prepares.

Is meal making an easy time for you, or are you like Erin struggling to get a meal on the table? Let’s face it, it’s inevitable that we have to feed our families, but how do we do it without losing our minds?

Planning easy meals is the best way to keep your family at the dinner table and coming back for more.

Here are some quick and easy meals that many kids love...


Whether you make the good ole traditional kind with kidney beans, ground meat, spices and sauce or you opt for the white chili version, this is an easy meal to have with your family and it’s great for leftovers the next day. Shred some cheese, stir in sour cream and add a pan of cornbread and you've got a hearty meal that everyone can enjoy.


Another fun, one pot meal, all you have to do is brown the ground beef, or shred, season and stir fry some chicken. Warm up some soft tortillas or hard taco shells add the fixings of lettuce, tomato, cheese, taco sauce and sour cream and you have a great meal. Provide corn or flour hard shells and soft shells for a burrito flair and you've got all your family's preferences covered.

Homemade Pizza

Making pizzas at home can not only be more affordable than ordering them in, but is also a fun activity to get everyone involved. There are many great pre-done crusts available in grocery stores today, plus you just buy the sauce, the cheese and your favorite toppings and go to town! There's no limits to what ingredients you can add to a pizza. Everything from anchovies to pineapple are available at popular pizza restaurants today. Why not do the same at home?


Depending on what kind you choose, even homemade soup can be easy to make. However, there are many soup starters, mixes and even canned soups on the market that can make a great meal. Add some crackers, hearty bread and a salad and you have a balanced meal that's good for you too.

Hero Sandwiches

Building your own hero sandwich can be fun and it’s an easy meal. Buy some great sub rolls, or some other type of bread, such as Rye, or Italian, grab several types of meats and cheese, lettuce, mayo, mustard and anything else you prefer on your sandwich and begin to build. Heat 'em up or have them cold. Either way, they are a yummy dinner for the whole family.


Meat, pasta, and your veggies all in one pot, add some garlic bread or rolls and you have a great meal. Spaghetti is great left over the next day so make a big enough pot for a second meal during the week or freeze it. Don't forget to add a salad too!

Sloppy Joes

A pound of ground beef, a chopped green bell pepper cooked and mixed with a can of tomato paste and a can of beef broth and you have a mean Sloppy Joe mix that puts the canned variety to shame. Buy some crusty Kaiser rolls to spread the mixture on and throw some fries in the oven. For the cheese lovers in your family, add a slice of cheese to their Sloppy Joe and microwave for 30 seconds. Mmmm Good!

And there you have it. One option for each day of the week. If you prefer to make these meals even healthier, select your ingredients wisely and make substitutions where necessary.

Want some more ideas and recipes?

You will find Kid Approved Meals to be amazing. It has prepared menus that are healthy for meals that children love!

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