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Discover Organization Guide

There are three things for those who enjoy their home that are behind an organized house...

  • taking control of "stuff" before it becomes clutter...
  • having specific steps in place to maintain order on a daily basis...
  • knowing how to get the most out of existing space to create proper storage and always have a designated place for everything.

In the Discover Organization Guide, they simply want to help you get your feet under you so that you can get clean and organized without getting stressed out.  DOG makes it clear that you don't have to be born organized to be organized.

Author Greg Payette takes you through the many facets of organization so that you can be free and ready to take on the world.  This is probably the most comprehensive guide that we have been able to review.  Check it out if you want the all-inclusive insider to pretty much everything under the sun of organizing.

Also, on their website,, they have a great resource that you are able to sign up for.  When you go to the website, on their front page in the first paragraph, you find where you can very simply sign up and receive an extremely helpful 5-part mini course that, "shows you exactly what it takes to start living a more organized, clutter free life."  Go and sign up and see what makes this company great and get your life in order.

If you want to defeat the common occurrences of clutter, then come and research this website and book.  Again, this is one of the most comprehensive resources we have had the privilege to review.  For very professional step-by-step programs this is a phenomenal resource for everybody to get their hands.  Come and check out what is going on Discover Organization!  Happy De-Cluttering!!

sign up for Organizing Tips, straight to your inbox!