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Closet Organizing Systems

Finding One That Works for You

Striking on closet organizing systems that really work for your personality and lifestyle is not as simple as people often assume. In fact, it never even occurs to many people that an organizing system for closets could exist – they simply muddle through the disorganization and clutter.

Having a messy closet can cause you frustration and lead to wasted time as you hunt around for clothes that always seemed to be “right here yesterday.” With a good closet organizing system that suits your personality, you’ll never have to worry about losing an important item of clothing again.

Types of Closet Organizers

There are a variety of closet organizing solutions on the market that suit different people. You may have noticed the word personality mentioned several times already in this article – let’s consider why this is. After all, a closet organizer serves the purpose of keeping all your clothes where they should be. And what determines the types of clothes you wear, and how many of them you have?

Your Personality

So it’s important to get a closet organizer that works for your lifestyle. For instance, a shopaholic addicted to high fashion is not going to be well served by an organization system with very limited space for shoes and two racks for hanging up business suits. Likewise, a standard adult organizer often won’t do the trick for a twelve-year-old girl.

Closet organizing systems can run the gamut from an all-in-one walk-in wardrobe to a simple shoe rack. Chances are, your needs lie somewhere in between. Let’s take a look at what a standard closet system for an average person ought to have. Remember that the space for each component will again depend on your fashion sense and how much clothing you own.

Components of a Full Closet System

Let’s break down what a good closet organizer should include. First of all:

Bars or racks for hanging shirts, pants and/or skirts and dresses

For a woman, you may have to be a little more selective, as you'll probably want to have room for skirts and dresses as well as pants and jeans. For a man, consider your normal attire when you decide how much space you need for each type of clothing. Consider also how long you’ll be using the organization unit for and whether you have plans to add to your wardrobe in that time frame. Err on the side of too much room, rather than too little.

Shelves for shoes

Again, this is highly dependent on your tastes. Some people can survive with a sensible pair of work shoes, some going-out shoes and a decent pair of running shoes. Others need to have every new pair that hits the catwalk in Milan – you know which one you are, so plan accordingly.

Shelves for other linen, like bed sheets and towels

Custom Closets

Ordering a custom closet to be made exactly to your specifications is a great way to ensure you always have enough room for your clothes and gear. The only drawback of these is that they can be much more expensive than pre-made closet organizing systems.

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