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Childrens Chores...
Getting Your Kids To Happily Do Them

Childrens Chores are something many parents struggle with. Schedules are packed with family's coming and going. It's hard to teach let along keep up with making sure your kids are doing their chores!

Getting your kids to do chores often seems like trying to handle a bull. You long to hear words such as, "Mom, I’d be happy to do that." So, how do you make this happen?

There are a few steps that you can take to ensure your child helps you clean up, and in turn help make you happier mom. They already know that "when momma's not happy, ain't nobody happy". Use this to your advantage ;-)

Expect Your Children To Do Their Chores

Many times the reason kids do not meet our expectations is because we never set them in the first place or maybe we didn't make them clear. Without set expectations that are clearly known between parents and children, chores will always be a battle.

Start Early

Even young children can learn to clean up after themselves. If you do not get them into a routine of cleaning up from an early age, it is definitely harder to start later on.

Provide Clear Instructions

For most kids, a messy room seems like an impossible task to make clean again. Break the childrens chores up into smaller doable tasks which will help them to feel confident about what you are asking them to do. It can be as simple as telling them specific things like, "put all the blocks in this bin" or "pile all your animals on your chair".

Make Doing Chores Fun!

Peek inside a preschool classroom on any given day and you will find kids learning having fun, and working together, even during clean up time! Why is that? You might be thinking "because the teacher said so!" The fact is that most preschool teachers know that they have to make clean up fun to get the kids motivated. You can do the same. Try things like playing music or singing as you clean. Give praise lavishly and make a game out of certain childrens chores like making baskets with clothes going into a hamper. Be creative and enjoy these teaching moments. They are just as important as other life skills you teach them.

Give Kids More Responsibility As They Get Older

Teaching kids to do small jobs, then bigger jobs, then even bigger jobs gives them a sense of accomplishment and responsibility. Kids like to learn and will appreciate being treated like "big kids".

Reward Them For A Job Well Done

I know it seems sort of like you are bribing them, and that's not what I am suggesting. However, rewards such as spending time with you or receiving a special privilege can be great motivators. Even snacks can be a nice reward for small children.

Cleaning chores can be something not everyone of us enjoys at times but the reality is, they've got to be done. The more you get your children to help, the more time you will have for other important things like spending time with them or working to earn that vacation money. Taking steps to teach your child how to maintain a clean house and have fun doing it will help them for many years to come. Take the time to do it for them and for you today!

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