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Calendars and Planners for College Students

The more organized you are when you move in to your dorm or apartment, the more time you’ll have for studying and other activities. You’ll spend less time looking for things and shopping for stuff you didn’t bring.

Organization is key to reducing stress and during very transitional periods, it can make a huge difference to how your first semester or two go.

Most college bound students today have used planners. Whatever type of planner you like to use, make sure you have one before heading off to college. Better yet, get one right after the high school graduation parties are over and start using it to plan for moving day.

If you haven’t been much of a planner user, now’s the time to become one. You’ll need to keep track of everything on your own one you’re at school and a planner is a great tool to assist your memory. Even class times/labs, cafeteria hours, fitness/exercise classes, church service times, birthdays, holidays, breaks, etc! Teach yourself to use your planner daily and the benefits will surprise you. You might find you need to enter things you rarely even though about before just so you remember to do them.

-Do laundry

-Pick up book at library

-Go to bank

-Call brother on birthday

Depending on the relationship you have with your roommate/s, you may want to have a community calendar. Our favorite calendar is the Post-it Calendar where you can enter months you choose (no need for summer months if you’re not in school) and you can add and remove notes on little post its. It’s versatile and highly effective with most personality types. Even when sharing a dorm room, you may want to calendar things like who washes the few little dishes you use and when or who takes out the trash or sweeps. Of course you can leave fun notes for each other too like “meet me at the food court at 5 PM.”

Don't forget, the college years are all about learning and preparing yourself for the future!

The Brute Force Study Guide will help you with developing study skills (without your parents there agging you on) and it will help you out with time management and organization.

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