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FreedomRail Closet System

Everybody wants the “perfect” closet.  With the FreedomRail System, you can have the most space efficient and simple closet organization system you could ask for.  The good thing about this product is that you are the designer, and however you want it to look, you can do it that way.  The custom shelving unit can fit to any closet size and parts can be taken off as well as added on according to your liking.  Not just closets, but it can be used in/as your pantry, library shelves, in your garage and more. 

This system is very durable and can hold a lot of weight.  It is not your typical self-constructing shelving units.  An excerpt from their website  says “It is recommended that the Hanging Rail Uprights be spaced 36" apart for clothes closets, 30" apart for pantries, and 24" apart for very heavy loads. At 36" spacing, each lineal foot of shelving can hold 50 pounds, when the uprights are 24" apart, each lineal foot will hold 100 pounds.”  So, as you can tell, these things can hold their weight as well as remain extremely efficient, space and clutter-free friendly. 

These units can come in many different colors and materials.  Make sure you choose the one that best goes with your home or that is best for your situation.  And not just rails, but you can also get what they call O-boxes (organization boxes); these are small cabinets/dressers that, well, you can organize things in.  The great thing about the FreedomRail is you can build your unit around these boxes and make it look like it was made that way, and still keeping your own designer’s touch.  Here is a link to great images of how the FreedomRail can be used.

When we look at this product, there aren’t many cons that you can find.  Other than assembly required by your self, not being absolutely custom and could maybe look a little tacky, this is a great product that is worth purchasing for consolidating space in your house.  

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