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November Edition 2007
Issue #11
Written By: Erin Nield, Home Organize It! (c) copyright 2007

The S.O.S. delivers Seasonal Organizing Solutions from the world of Home Organize It!. Filled with timely tips, it's designed to be your seasonal "Organizing Supplement."

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Table Of Contents

*Seasonal Ponderings

*Thanksgiving Tips To Help You Get Ready

*Seasonal Musings - Thanksgiving Thoughts by Guest Writer, Alyssa Avant

Seasonal Ponderings

Ahhh, it’s that time of year everyone. The leaves are changing, falling from the trees and crunching underfoot. The weather is getting cooler, with breezes blowing and warm coats are coming out of closets. It’s the time of the year where everyone begins to think about the holidays, family and the enjoyment of being together.

It is my hope that these Thanksgiving Tidbits will help you enjoy the upcoming holidays.

Seasonal Organizing

Get Organized For Thanksgiving

Soon after Halloween each year it's inevitable that we start thinking about the upcoming Holiday season. We wonder which family member is going to emerge with the appreciated announcement "I'll have Thanksgiving this year!"

Or perhaps your family traditionally celebrates at a relative or friend's home. Whether you are hosting your family Thanksgiving this year or helping whoever is, you'll find some helpful tips here for making the day go smoothly. Here's some suggestions for making the job a little easier so that you can truly feel thankful on Thanksgiving!

1. Plan ahead. It may seem obvious but please don’t wait until the day before Thanksgiving to go to the grocery store! We all seem to be so busy and have good intentions, but seriously, block out a time on your calendar right now just for Thanksgiving grocery shopping. Planning is key and part of that is being prepared for ALL the fixings. Begin by making a list of everything you’d like to make, and then carefully go through each recipe and make a list of needed items. Then, hit the store!

2. Delegate. If you’re like me, you want to "do it all". But I've learned over the years that all this does is make me run around like a crazy woman and when the day actually comes, I am exhausted. So now I say delegate! It's really okay to ask family and guests to help.

Have your kids can make holiday place settings, place mats or even a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Give them some supplies, a place to craft and let their imaginations run wild! Allow some of your guests to bring side dishes or desserts taking some of the pressure off you. A potluck Thanksgiving is becoming more and more common and accepted anyway.

On the other hand, if you really want to prepare all the food yourself, then find other ways your guests can be helpful. They will likely be happy to fill glasses with ice, toss a salad and help you serve the big meal. You might be surprised to know that many people would prefer to given a specific task to do, rather than not know where to pitch in.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I know, I know, we've all heard this a gazillion times but hey, it's true! Seriously, try your best not to stress out over things like having the right number of side dishes or wanting your napkins to match your plates, or about who is sitting where. Just try to enjoy yourself, your feast, and your company and be thankful you are all together.

Finally, since Thanksgiving is so early in November this year, I do want to invite you to visit my Simplify The Holidays page, where you can create a personalized blueprint To simplify your family's Holidays. Let's get back to the real meaning of the season...

Faith, Family, Friends, and Fellowship :-)

Seasonal Musings

As a special treat, I’ve asked my friend and colleague, Alyssa Avant, to offer some thoughts about Thanksgiving for this month’s Musings.

Alyssa's Thoughts for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving... there is something about this Holiday that just gives me the warm fuzzies. I remember back to Thanksgivings past and see rooms full of family members all enjoying the company of each other and loads of my great grandmother’s cooking, everything from spiral ham, to sweet potato casserole, to that thick decadent chicken and dressing.

Then of course we all had to save room for chocolate pie, sweet potato pie and banana pudding. Afterwards, we would all sit around until we were hungry again and pig out on the leftovers. What could be better? But seriously, Thanksgiving is a time I always look forward to and even though the rooms of people have grown smaller, I am thankful for the family I have to enjoy this season of the year with.

God has given me so many blessings over these many years since I used to sit in my great-grandmother's spare bedroom eating my Thanksgiving meal because I was a kid (that’s where the kids ate) to now where I am at the table with the adults, and my dear sweet great grandmother is in heaven. They are blessings that I would be crazy not to be thankful for, and I need to take time to thank God for them and to reflect upon the past and all that he has done for me over the years. I hope that you too can do the same. Reflect upon your past Thanksgivings and remember them fondly. Count the blessings of your present times as you create new and special memories with those around you.

Alyssa Avant is a Christian writer and speaker. She is the founder of Beauty By Design Ministries, a ministry to girls of all ages and their moms. Her mission is "turning the hearts of girls' towards God." She also has a ghostwriting business that supports her ministry and is a WAHM of two children, and the wife of a supportive and loving husband. She and her family live in Carrollton, MS with their beloved basset hound, Duke.

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