Seasonal Organizing Solutions!

Pre-Holiday 2005
Issue #03
Written By: Erin Nield, Professional Organizer
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The S.O.S. delivers Seasonal Organizing Solutions from the world of Home Organize It!. Filled with timely tips, it's designed to be your seasonal "Organizing Supplement."

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Table Of Contents

*Seasonal Ponderings

*Seasonal Organizing
1. Clutterless Gift Giving
2. Organizing Kids Rooms
3. DeClutter In Time For The Holidays

*Seasonal Musings

Seasonal Ponderings

So many of you have written that you are dreading the holidays.

Jen from CA writes: "I have to say I dread Christmas every year because of all the STUFF the kids get. It's an enormous pile that I then have to find a home for."

If you are feeling this way, consider the following ideas that will help you dread the holidays no more!

Seasonal Organizing

1. Clutterless Gift Giving

Are you dreading the piles of gifts that later equate to MORE STUFF THAT NEEDS A HOME?

Start spreading the word now that you would appreciate Clutterless Gifts this year. Share your goal with your loved ones that you are trying to tone down all the STUFF accululating in your home and ask them if they would like to join you and make some gift giving changes.

2. Organize Your Kids Rooms

Take some steps now to sort through and give away some of your children's toys and games. Follow along on Organize Kids Rooms as you sort. Here you will find helpful tips and ideas to organize your children's rooms AND collect lots of stuff to give away this holiday season.

Tonight at the dinner table, talk to you children about how important it is to GIVE during the Holiday season. Remind them that there are children around the world who may receive nothing this year for Christmas.

Tell your kids that you would like to take an afternoon or an evening and help them go through their stuff to look for things they can give away.

Scan your local paper, school newsletter or church bulletin for toy collections, clothing and coat drives and places that would welcome your things.

3. DeClutter In Time For The Holidays

If you get the whole family in on the giving, it tends to gather momentum. You can go through your things too. Follow along on Declutter ForEver...Or At Least ForNow! as you consider useful things to give away. Give away old jackets and coats, sweatshirts (hoodies), gloves, hats and scarves you no longer use.

If you live in a warm weather climate, give away books, cd's, computer software and other things that will be appreciated by families who are struggling. This is a great tradition to start, which will benefit not only those receiving your items but you too, by reducing the amount of stuff you take care of.

Seasonal Musings

If you are successful in convincing others to start some Clutterless Gift Giving, think about how nice it will be after the holidays when you are not faced with that huge pile of gifts which need a home!

Don't dread the holidays this year! Take some active steps to reduce the clutter in your home ahead of time. Make thoughtful selections when giving your things away this holiday season and you're sure to enjoy this season much more.

Clutterless Gift Giving...Spread The Word!

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Take Time To Declutter

Be Generous With Your Give-Aways

Enjoy The Holidays!

All The Best,


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