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August Edition 2007
Issue #08
Written By: Erin Nield, (c) copyright 2007

The S.O.S. delivers Seasonal Organizing Solutions from the world of Home Organize It!. Filled with timely tips, it's designed to be your seasonal "Organizing Supplement."

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Table Of Contents

*Seasonal Ponderings

*Get Organized For Back To School

*Seasonal Musings

Seasonal Ponderings

What do moms say when you ask "How's your summer going?" I've asked this question a hundred times this summer and each mom said the same thing... "it's going way too fast!" or "rush, rush rush" or something to that effect. All except one mom, who surprised me when she said "great, it's been really relaxing".

Wow! I didn't know how to respond! Relaxing? What's that?

Well, it got me thinking that even if our summer is going fast, we all need to take a little time for relaxing.

I'm going to try to relax (in between school supply shopping and planning for the fall). I hope you do too!

Seasonal Organizing

Get Organized For Back To School

Oh no! We've got to get school supplies!

Yep I'm afraid it's true Moms. August is here and it's all about getting organized to go back to school now.

Organizing Tips for sticking to the supply list...

You know the old adage about not grocery shopping when you are hungry, right? Well, a similar theme applies when shopping for school supplies. Don't go school supply shopping when you're not organized!

You might have noticed in the past that the Christmas isles are already being set up when you take the kids school supply shopping. There's a reason for that. More than one reason actually. The longer all the Christmas decorations are on display, the more people will buy whether they need it or not.

Same goes for any big seasonal promotion, including school supplies. I mean really, there's nothing wrong with having a cool backpack, but does a 7 year old really need 39 choices??

There's notebooks with the latest pop stars, TV hereos and cartoon characters. And with them comes a much higher price tag.

Many of you moms have recently read articles about how much school supplies cost for the average family. It's crazy!

But it doesn't have to be that way.

So before you head out to the store to stock up for the school year, get a little organized first.

This will likely take you less than an hour and will make your shopping experience quicker and easier.

Seven Tips for Getting Organized for School Supply Shopping

1. Gather up all the school/office supplies in the house. Get the kids on this too! And if you haven't unpacked the backpack from last spring... errrr, take it outside just in case ;-)

2. Sort what you've found into categories.

3. Containerize by category and then label.

4. Get out your lists for each child.

5. Check off what you already have and won't need to buy.

6. Put the name of each child on the top of their list using a different color for each.

7. Have a quick family meeting to discuss what your children "think" they will be getting. Be sure to talk about the importance of sticking to the list and not buying what you don't really need.

Time to head to the store with lists in hand and your head held high!

After all the school supply shopping is done it's time for some relaxing. But before school starts, you'll also want to...

Organize The Kids Rooms! Getting the kids rooms organized before school starts will save loads of time during the school year. Your children will be able to find what they need and morning routines will go a lot more smoothly. Doesn't that sound wonderful? It won't take long either when you follow the steps on my Organizing Kids Rooms page.

Thinking Ahead... What Are Your Work At Home Goals for the Fall?

Do you work from home or are you thinking about it? A rapidly growing number of moms are coming home to work. With this choice comes a huge need for getting more organized. Before you do that though, just start thinking about and planning your work goals for the fall. To help you get in "plan mode", check out this Work At Home Moms Guide. It's divided into 3 parts...

1. Get Organized To Work At Home

2. The WAHM Guide

3. WAHM Case Studies

Just download, print them out, pop in a binder and find a shady spot for reading. I think you'll find the WAHM Guide interesting, enlightening and helpful for thinking ahead!

See you in September when I'll be talking about Getting Your Home Office Organized and Working At Home.

Seasonal Musings

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