Seasonal Organizing Solutions!

Pre-Spring 2006
Issue #04
Written By: Erin Nield, Professional Organizer
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Table Of Contents

*Seasonal Ponderings

*Quick and Easy Paperwork Organizing

*Seasonal Musings

Seasonal Ponderings

So many of you have written that you are "drowning" in paperwork.

Judi from IL writes: "I have to say I dread the thought of organizing paperwork. Every January I have big plans to tackle it once and for all, and before I know it, a whole year's worth has piled up!"

If you are feeling like this, consider organizing your paperwork the quick and easy way!

Seasonal Organizing

Quick and Easy Paperwork Organizing

Have you been piling those papers to the point of overflowing?

Has your paperwork become a nightmare of sorts?

Or perhaps you are just a few months behind but would like to keep your paperwork in better control.

If any of these describe your situation, read on!

Organizing paperwork often seems to bring on "ughs" and "not today" responses...

Yet it's so important and once accomplished, a huge time and money saver, and stress reducer!

Over the past year, I have been organizing an increasing number of home offices. It seems more and more people are working from home, more moms are starting home-based businesses and families are adding home offices. The need for paper management has escalated.

The key to keeping paperwork organized is to have an easy-to-use system in place. Doesn't it follow then that an easy-to-use system would be easy to set up?

Well, one system that is both easy to set up and use is none other than the EasyFile Home Filing System. Now, you don't need to buy EasyFile. The point here is that if you keep your filing system simple and easy to use, you will...well...use it!

How To Get Started The Easy Way:

  • Make a committment to organize your paperwork

  • Gather all your papers into one room

  • Get ready to sort

Next: Write up Index Cards with obvious categories or with the EasyFile System, start by using the EasySort Cards (cards with categories). Spread the cards around the room and Pre-sort your papers into these categories only using the ones that make sense for YOUR papers.

After Pre-sorting, build your files using a very simple color-coded system.

EasyFile uses a "Straight-Line Filing System" which offers many advantages, such as allowing you to add or remove any file without disrupting your pattern. It's user-friendly, easy on the eye (personally I love the symmetric look!), and convenient to work with.

If you're building your own, simply use color coded hanging files with matching sub-folders. One color for finances, another for family matters and so forth. Aim to not to use more than 6 colors/main categories.

If you would like a more detailed step-by-step approach for getting your paperwork organized, please see: Home Office Paperwork.

Organizing paperwork may not be that fun but once it's organized and you have a filing system that's easy to file or retrieve from, it's super easy to keep up with. But...

you knew that was coming, didn't you? But...

You have to get it into a manageable state first!

Get your paperwork organized today! Spring is just around the corner and you won't want to stay inside organzing papers then!

Seasonal Musings

Some (non organizing-related) personal news if I may?

Six months ago, I began an amazing journey. I joined forces with 3 other women (3 from the US, including me and a British woman) to write an e-book.

Imagine...4 moms from around the world, who have never met, writing an e-book together! Sounds almost like history in the making...

The book will be a down-loadable, Step-By-Step Guide for Work At Home Moms (or those who'd like to be) and is currently in the final drafting stage.

Please watch my site or your Home Organize It! S.O.S. Newsletter for the exciting release details. In the meantime, you can find out more by visiting:

Thanks for letting me share my excitement!

Now back to that Paper Organizing...

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Take Time To Organize Your Paperwork

Set Up An Easy-To-Use Filing System

Enjoy The Time It Saves You!

All The Best,


P.S. Have you heard the news? I've started a second Web site. I'm not kidding! It's:, a site for Moms who want to Work At Home...and for those who already are.

P.S.S. In a recent Harris poll, 72% of Americans said they are thinking about starting a home-based business! If you are a Mom among this 72%, visit Work At Home Moms to learn more about how you CAN start your own business and not just think about it. I did and I'm loving it!

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